Project A (1983)

After watching Die Hard and looking at the young Bruce Willis and his nimble ways, I had nostalgia for one of my favorite Jackie Chan movies of when he used to actually do really crazy stunts.  Plus, I’ve been taking a break from movie especially foreign ones 😉 So here I present to you: Project A!

project a posterDirector: Jackie Chan

Cast: Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao

In the 19th century Hong Kong, it was ruled by the British as a colony.  However, their waters were endangered with pirates.  The Coast Guards had already set sail 2 times before with no success and now the government don’t want to give them any more money. When their ships are sabotaged right before they sail, they are disbanded to the police.  Lung (Jackie Chan) who was a Coast Guard Sergeant  now a land police has learned through his good friend, also a thief, Fei (Sammo Hung) that a law enforcer official is being bribed by the pirates to sell them information and arms.

project a stunt

This is possibly my absolutely favorite Jackie Chan movie.  This movie is crazy.  He does some intense stunts and from the bloopers, you know that he incurred lots of serious injuries.  I always refer this movie to others when they say that they love Jackie Chan and his comedic mix with action stunts.  This is about as hardcore as he can get. Plus, he directs and acts in this along with a very young Sammo Hung. Do you know Sammo Hung? Because he was the big boss, who was extremely nimble for his size in Killzone.  Now I love that movie to bits. It was the best Donnie Yen comeback ever! Okay, wait, we’re not talking about Killzone.  (Excuse the tangent, lack of sleep does that to my focus…).

project a sammo jackie

This movie actually has some good comedy.  Plus, Jackie Chan doesn’t only make us hold our breaths with his stunts, but some of them just makes us laugh out loud at his painful experiences.  The story itself is actually quite good as well. Its an old Hong Kong pirate movie.  We don’t get a lot of pirate movies in the Hong Kong movie industry.  The chemistry between Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan is fantastic as friends who don’t particularly believe in the same thing.  Plus, there is another very great martial arts actor Yuen Biao.  Do you know this guy? He’s totally awesome also.  I don’t have specific movies that I know him very well from but he always does a great job.  This movie was casted with the best action stars.

project a jackie yuen biao

This one is entertaining to put it simple.  Its my favorite and it has decent effects, a decent storyline, good laughs and has the best action and stunts. Forgot to mention that it has some nice background sound effects to match the movie and the scenes, some parts really add to it.  Jackie Chan performs his own stunts so with the danger level of what he does, he deserves lots of applause for his effort.  I really don’t know how to make this sound even better, if you want, watch the bloopers/outtakes…in the old version of this movie, they always had this at the end credits, not sure if they have it anymore.

What do you think? Dangerous enough for you? Do you have a favorite Jackie Chan action flick? Have you seen some of his pre-Hollywood movies?

Oh, and if you want to catch this, PLEASE watch the original and read subtitles.  The dubbed version is really bad…I can’t emphasize that enough..

8 thoughts on “Project A (1983)

  1. I adore Jackie Chan and would walk across broken glass barefoot to get a chance to work with him! Great post!! Favourite film is a hard one, I love, Who Am I and that might have to count as my favourite (apart from his film with Jet Li Forbidden Kingdom). 😀


  2. If you haven’t seen Ip Man 2 with Donnie Yen, he has a sweet fight with Sammo Hung.

    Yea, I love Project A. For the most part, any time Chan, Hung, and Biao got together, they made gold. Wheels on Meals and Dragons Forever are two more examples.


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