Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

Daily promptWhy do you blog?

Blogging for me started at least 4 years ago.  It used to be  a very loose and relaxing thing.  I wanted to update my friends about my life and at the same time, exercise some writing skills.  Plus, writing always helped me express myself and look at situations more clearly.  A lot of time, it was mostly rants about life.  That was when I was young and stupid. I no longer do that because ranting is good once in a while, but to no one really wants to read every post being a rant.  Plus, life has to have something great to share.  When my blog in the previous space merged with WordPress, I decided to take all those posts down and start fresh.

Thats how I feel when I'm writing my blog :)

Thats how I feel when I’m writing my blog 🙂

This blog, Tranquil Dreams at WordPress marked a new start.  Back then, I was already working on being positive about life.  It was about learning to see the better side of things.  Everyday reality tries to rip us apart and throw us lots of lemons.  Its our job to make the lemonade.  Its our job to turn a half empty glass and see it as half full. In essence, it was finding the little things that made you grateful for being alive.  It could be a smile from a stranger or just someone unexpected helping you out or even just a kind word, meeting a friend randomly on the street and catch up.  Anything could be a great thing that happens in life and if you can amplify that and make it into a great day, then life becomes just so much brighter. I don’t like to be preachy about this because I’m still learning and I have a long way to go.  I still have days that knock me down and I don’t know where to find the motivation to push through those thick thick rainy clouds sitting on top of my head.

What this blog does, is it helps me express myself.  When I first started, I posted and wrote responses to prompts mostly.  After the first year of keeping to myself, I got inspired to change things around and make it more to explore what I loved.  Sharing my photography, then I started getting back into baking and sharing the recipes, going into my creative side and doing crafts.  By the end of last year, I started looking into movies and this year, I’ve dedicated it to a whole versatile list of interests that I have.

What this has done is make me find time to do the things I love.  Blogging has helped me to meet great people just like YOU (YES YOU! Whoever you are reading this).  Its made me learn to find time to relax.  Its also made me express my feelings and share it with everyone.  Most of all, I blog because it reminds me of a lot of happy things and it keeps me positive and striving to make something out of the things I love. Maybe I never can make a career out of it, but at least I know that it gives me the courage  and strength to push through and try to do the things I love. So many of you are doing that and being extremely successful at it. Why can’t I do it too, right?

This has turned into a huge piece of writing.  The reason I blog is actually quite simple: HAPPINESS! All the elements of blogging make me happy..whether its reading your posts or writing mine.  The process of it is enjoyable, chatting to awesome people in the blogosphere makes me happy 🙂 Its taught me to live for myself above all and do the things I love even if others find that its meaningless. Doesn’t matter because its meaningful to me: Its MY space to be ME 🙂

Why do you blog?

24 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Million-Dollar Question

  1. I like your site and the variety of your posts and really wish I could write similar personal posts, but I’ve never felt comfortable doing that.
    I post very rarely nowadays but the feedback and interaction with other like-minded people is the thing that keeps me hanging around the blogosphere.
    It really does make my day when I get a genuine. supportive comment from someone.

    Happy Wednesday!


    • Thanks Paul! I’m glad you enjoy what I write. I don’t like to go really deep and personal with my posts. That dark side of me its hard to share sometimes and I like to keep it hidden although I have had a few here and there when its bothered me.
      Our blogs are really reflects who we are also and your love and passion for Meg Ryan and Michelle Pffeifer makes you stand out as well. Its not about how personal you get, but that also shows how you are 🙂 For me, your blog reflects impeccable taste 🙂

      I think the interaction really keeps a lot of us going. I already talk to myself a lot more than I’d like..so its nice when others appreciate what I write 😉


  2. Good post! Pretty cool to hear the evolution of your blog, and that was a great idea to turn it in to a positive force in your life. It’s true what you were saying about ranting….I mean, we all need to do it sometime. But dwelling in negativity breeds even more negativity, and it can be hard to pull yourself out of that once you start sinking >_< I've been gone from WordPress for a while, so I don't know when it happened, but….I love the new look to your blog 😀


  3. I blog to write about the thing I do the most – watch movies. The writing is the most enjoyable part, if I get to complete it in the way I want it and I am happy with what I have written. It’s tough sometimes but likes and comments and good people in the community make it worthwhile too. It keeps me very busy and distracted from work and the not so likeable things in life.


  4. I definitely see your positive outlook and diversity of topics as you share your knowledge. I consider you one of the “good girls (women?)” of Word press. i love to check in to see what you write about.


  5. Welllllll… thats a nice little post there, Kim 😀 It is nice meeting people and sharing and stuff, though, you’re right. This was a pretty cheery post, definitely helped brighten my day!

    I dont know eaxctly WHY I blog. I do know I love movies, so I guess its just an expression of that. Outside of that though, I find myself wondering if I’m insane half the time with all the work I put in!! 😀


    • I pretty much think blogging is expression what we love to do! Keep that “insane” thing going Fogs! Because you know, when you do those timestamp ones for Die Hard or the Twilight marathons, it may seem insane but I had a blast reading it 🙂 All the work you put in is not wasted, guarantee you that 🙂 I can’t wait to see what your next “insane” moment will be!


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