Week 6: Pushing through Fatigue and Pains!

At my last week’s update, I went through a very sickly Sunday which made me break my Core Challenge that I had wanted to.  The week started off at about the same note and it was learning to push through the fatigue and pains (and mild sickness).  Coming out of that and finding the motivation to workout!


This is usually a workout day but I decided to swap it with Wednesday because I was in too much pains (girl problems…).  Plus, the work day was stressful to the max with lots of obstacles and challenging clients to deal with.  All in all, I sat around and finished a movie with my boyfriend. That review is HERE! Then, continued onwards with this 90s popular Hong Kong TV Series that I used to love 🙂 The days when there were NO cell phones and when your vehicle broke down, you had to stand around and wait for another car to drop by before continuing on with action.  Real obstacles 😉


Rain is continuing on for forecasted the next few days, meaning the schedule workout for this week, I’m going to move things around in hopes that this weekend will give me time to do some outdoor workout planned for this instead.  I’m going to follow one of the two on Tone it Up planned for Monday and put it for today.  Its the Your Wild Child routine.

And then I follow it up with the Cocktail Dress Workout. For these ones, it was supposed to be 4 sets for Wild Child and Cocktail Dress Workout.  I matched them up but did 2 sets each.  Still it was an intense workout.   My core is going to scream in pain along with the rest of my body.  It was great match with cardio to start it off and then body weights, followed with some strength training/(more) body weights for the whole body.  It was fun and a great way to start the workout week 🙂


Restart of  Core Challenge Day 1! Matched with those awesome 8 Double Duty Moves I had last week which left me in agonizing pains for 2 days afterwards. I only managed to get one set of those moves in though since I started working at 10pm which is pretty close to going to bed.  That core challenge is a killer though, always leaves me with some mega contracted abs.  Its makes me know that I worked them hard 🙂


Tonight, dragon boat practice is back.  Its sad to see that it’ll only be 2 more practices after this one or something like that of indoor.  Then my routine needs to be adjusted with this extra hour (actually 2+) as everything shifts to occupy the commute and warming up time for something else.  I’m definitely going to miss it.  However, life does take a front seat and the online courses and assignments won’t complete themselves, piano history won’t enter my brain by themselves.  We did 2 sequences of 8 times 20 second intense and 40 seconds active recess then went to 4 times of 30 seconds intense and 30 seconds active recess (70%).  Along with some killer body weights/cardio outside that required a whole lot of body coordination in between the sequences.  Finally we ended it with 4 times of starts. It was a refreshing practice 🙂 Very efficient but I didn’t have time to do Day 2 of Core challenge.  Guess I’ll have to restart again…


Snowstorm in April! We’re Canadians, its supposed to normal (thats what the radio said).  At least it says that it’ll be 10+ Celsius afterwards.  Today’s line up is cardio with Jump Your Heart Out Workout.  I ‘ve done this one before but its fun so I don’t mind doing it again. I did it once for a warm up and to bump up the heart rate.  Then, I followed up with the 3rd try and Core Challenge Day 1!

Its been a crazy day and I need this! Its been a challenging day and its made me tip over to make certain decisions and pick up my act.  If I didn’t do that, I’d either want to punch something or just wallow in self-pity.  I don’t do that now so I resort to something that helps me release all the stress and anger and depression that ever feel.


I was going to go for a run but seeing we have snow on the ground. I won`t do the jog, instead I changed it to a home circuit challenge I found on Tribesports: The Leg, Chest and Core Blaster! I only did it one time. I’ll do the full challenge as I train more. Those squat hops were a lot harder than I had expected… next week I’ll try to do the whole thing 😉

Core Challenge Day 2 HAPPENED! It was painful and I can picture tomorrow being even more painful but I can already feel them and at the end of this, it’ll be good 🙂


I spent a good many hours working on doing taxes all day! This was a nice break when my brain refused to turn anymore for the numbers.  Core Challenge Day 3 was great and painful! During half way through each of the planks, my abs were ripping in pain! Thats the only exercise planned today! Afterwards, Take it Easy (physically)!

Overall, this week has been interesting and fun! The Wild Child Workout was really fun and I’d gladly do the full sequence again. It was a great cardio workout.  Now, I also have new goals to accomplish to complete the actual challenge for the Leg, Chest, Core Blaster next week! It all felt awesome! 🙂 Continuing on to Week 7! And its all planned out!

7 thoughts on “Week 6: Pushing through Fatigue and Pains!

  1. Great recap for your week, Kim! Sorry to hear about your ickie, sickies. 😦 Blah. Nobody likes being sick. But you did have an eventful week, and like you said, we’re Canadians–why not a snowstorm in April! 🙂


    • Haha! Yeah..its normal. We’ve just been used to this weird wam weather that kicks in earlier than usual..then some random crazy winter..so it feels abnormal.But at least, spring looks like its on its way!
      Thanks Jack 🙂


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