Dessert at Juliette et Chocolat!!

Its been tax season so I’ve been trapped with calculating my own taxes and working on my mom’s. Did I mention that I hate taxes? Personal income taxes are the hate of my life.

ANYWHO, we are not here to listen to me rant about that, but rather, I’m here to show you the highlight of my weekend: TIME WITH THE GIRLS! I know I just hung out with the girls a few weeks ago in Burlington but did I tell you, one of them is getting married soon? And we are going to be her “bridesmaids”.  Its a smaller party for family and close friends type of thing, which is pretty nice.  We all had a nice dinner and discussed what colour dresses to wear for us girls. That also means…DRESS SHOPPING!!

After that, I went off to have dessert to discuss the details of picking up the bride at a dessert place called Juliette et Chocolat.


I’m not sure if its just Chinese people who do it, but picking up the bride entails prolonging the groom from doing this and playing games and challenges then getting money from him.  The point is that we don’t want to just give away the bride because she’s valuable to us, we want to keep her with us as long as possible.  Well, until its ready.  So we sat together to discuss the challenging games (and usually sexual or humiliating/embarassing).  Its what goes down for these things.  I haven’t been the wedding party for anyone other than Chinese parties so I’m not sure if thats the case for others as well.  Let’s just say, I’m excited to be a part of this 😉 And no, you don’t want to know what games we chose…

Just a little light on what we did there over these delicious desserts.

Cheesecake Brownie

Cheesecake Brownie

Banana, ice cream and Chocolate Crepe

Banana, ice cream and Chocolate Crepe

I don't know what this is called....but it was sweet

I don’t know what this is called….but it was sweet

Raspberry and Mango Sorbet

Raspberry and Mango Sorbet

The sorbet was absolutely delicious.  Suffice to say, we didn’t really discuss the desserts much…because we were preoccupied.

This was my highlight of the weekend! And it was an awesome one at that…after a really bad Friday to end off the week.

What was yours? Anything happened that lifted your mood? Something big or maybe some little event?

Oh right, one more thing..I’ll be baking something this afternoon, I promise a new baking post! 🙂

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