Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!

*GASP* Another one! Is it award season here or what?

Thank you to DJ Matticus at The Matticus Kingdom for nominating me for this wonderful award, Epically Awesome of the Epic Awesomeness Award. Seeing as I use the word “awesome” way too much, I’m guessing I need to actually accept this even if I’m only aiming to be epic 😉  Its a goal like any other, right? However, we’re talking about DJ Matticus’s awesomeness first.  He just had a prince enter into his kingdom making him into a fatherly king now. Responsibilities, diapers and many sleepless nights allow him to still remember this little blog. I am quite honored! So go over there and give him some love (if you don’t already) and give him words of congrats and support and love for this new phase in his life to happy days and wonderful times and so many adventures with his prince 🙂

epicallyawesomeawardThe Rules:

1. Tell 10 epic and/or awesome facts about yourself.

2. Pass it on to 10 bloggers you think are awesome and/or epic – or both.

I don’t know what..10 epic/awesome facts to write about me:

–> I am compiling material to build a little window farm this summer!

–> I love rhubarb: pies, baked, etc.

–>When I’m caught up in a novel, I will walk and read at the same time if it means not having to put it down!

–> As much as I love movies, I love literally all TV series: American, UK, Hong Kong, Taiwan, even some Japan and Korean.  EVERYTHING!

–> My mind is always on vacation..sorry, thinking about vacation, planning my next vacation!

–> Spontaneity rules (once in a while), especially when travelling to an unknown area 🙂 Getting lost or sudden change in plans can mean seeing new cool things!

–> I suck at painting or drawing, although I draw amazing stick figures, but I adore doing Paint By Numbers..the bigger palette the better!

–> I love doing puzzles! I can sit around and do it for hours and not ever get angry or frustrated! Thats how I built my patience.

–> I just switched to a smart phone!

–>I have been coping with my stress pretty well so far in 2013!

Are those even awesome/epic fact about me? They are to me 🙂 I never know what to say, but I am excited to pass this on to 10 awesome and epic bloggers (and there are so many of you that I could not include all here)!


Parlor of Horror

Ankit @ Myself, Online

Jon @ The Life of Jonathan

Eric @theipc

Mike@ MikesFilmTalk

Natasha @ Film and Things

Meera Darji

Tyson@ Head in a Vice

Misty @ CinemaSchminema

I could literally continue one with more…but rules are rules, right? You have to go check out how they are epically awesome of the epic awesomeness! 🙂 Go along and show them some love!

Thank you again to DJ Matticus and I would like to send him and his family lots of congrats and all the best wishes! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness!

  1. *clutches chest with both hands* “Ah! Ya got me!! LOL Thanks for thinking of little old me (emphasis on the old…NOT) I am honoured…I have always liked to think of myself as awesome!!! Cheers mate! 😀


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  3. Thanks for the congrats, well wishes, and kind words. 🙂 I thought your 10 facts were definitely epically awesome – rhubab pies, smartphones, mind on vacation… what isn’t epic about all of that? Hmm… I wish my mind could be on vacation right now… but, it’s inundated with lack of sleep and diapers and my writing works in progress and trying not to fall too far behind on my blog reading and and and and… I forgot where I was going with that. 😉

    You are definitely deserving of this epically awesome award of epic awesomeness! Always know I’m going to be entertained when I find myself perusing Tranquil Dreams. Great stuff, as always, Kim.


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