Illuminating Blogger Award!

WHAT?!?!?!? Am I reading that right? Illuminating? Moi?

That was pretty much my reaction when I received this award nomination a bit over a week ago.  I talk about movies, books, food, places I’ve been and very little of my blog is about actual illumination but apparently Ankit over at Myself, online gave me this.  I’m stoked and seriously I am! I can think of so many people who are way more illuminating than I am.  In fact, everyone that I read illuminates me in some way or another.  If you don’t know Ankit, he hasn’t blogged for a long time but he has been writing short stories and they are pretty awesome.  You definitely need to check it out.  Plus, he recommended me a very good Indian flick called 3 Idiots which I watched and recommended because it was so good. Huge thanks to Ankit for this award!

light bulb concept

The rules for this one is actually quite simple: In order to acknowledge this award, you need to post the badge on your blog, share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers.

A few words about me aside from whats up there? I love everything (but you know that already). I love to see and learn new things and gain new perspectives in life.  See things in a better light and always stay positive. This blog does that for me.  It brings me immense happiness because it makes me do the things I love and share them with all of you awesome people! 🙂

It also seems the right time that awards have now been relocated to an individual page as a drop down category under the About Tranquil Dreams. So click through HERE to find it 🙂 There’s still a bit of restructuring over there but what was on the side bar widgets have been transferred there.

Enough about me…here are who I’d like to pass the award to:

Joe’s Musings

The Life of Jonathan

Peripatetic Eric

Defeat Despair

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

They are all very illuminating and amazing blogs! You should check them out and show them some love!

Thanks again to Ankit and check out some of his short stories and give him some feedback if you have time 🙂

11 thoughts on “Illuminating Blogger Award!

  1. Well I do think your blog deserves the award… not all of us get to see and read all that you do, and it’s just as enlightening to get a post from you on something we might never see or read… so well done…


  2. You blog about movies, food, places, books and everything you feel like sharing, and this is why i wanted to pass this award to you. I think you deserve this for the very simple reason that your illuminates me about things that I like/love. It does not always need to be passed to someone who teach you morals and ethics. In my opinion, it can be passed to anyone to who love what he/she do.
    I love watching movies and your passion (of watching and reviewing movies) fuels me to watch more. I loved it when reviewed 3 Idiots and I try to watch most of the movies that you soeak good about.
    Honestly, I never read your recipes but I surely check out the pics that you upload and water my mouths. 😉
    I rarely blog, but YOUR blog prompts me to blog more (but I fail 😦 )

    You deserve this Kim! You deserve this honour, so that you just keep blogging and making us read more the world from Kim’s vision. Well deserved! 🙂

    Also, thanks that you recommended my short stories but tell me honestly, do YOU read them? 😉
    If not, then you MUST! 😀 😀
    Here’s the link :


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