A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Music

I was going to post this tomorrow morning but seeing as Sue at A Word in Your Ear already posted up the next challenge, I’d better hurry up and put this up! This week’s word is MUSIC!

Music is my life.  I did write a whole post with August Rush theme based on its quote that I love: “But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales”.  You can check it out HERE if you haven’t read that post 🙂

Street musicians always get me! At night in Hong Kong’s Mongkok area, we have closed off streets with performers with their bands.  I always want to join in with the crowd and listen to them because some of them are truly talented.



A little music at events always cheers the crowd up and gets the party started 🙂


And live DJ performances at the beach to initiate the start of a new season! That picture below is from last year at the opening day of the beach. Hopefully beach days will be soon-ish!


Lets tone it down a little and enter into a calmer area and we have church organ music.  The organ pipes stretch high up…


Now getting a little more personal, daily music to my ears is LAUGHTER! Don’t you just love hearing others happy and laughing whether its with you, at you or at something else like a movie, someone else, etc? Its music that rings out happiness in some form.

natural bday

Sorry for the late entry, but head on over to Sue’s awesome blog and check out this challenge and the responses.  Its been a very musical week!

Just saying, next week will be one colourful one with TWO challenges with the same theme 😉 I’ll be out and about with my camera and no more using old ones! PROMISE! 🙂

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