Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life

A Day in My Life is somewhat boring.  There you go…I said it! It is.

I get up with the sound of the alarm from my recently “old” cell phone.  I still do because its the only one that wakes me up.

After choosing from heaps of clothes and getting changed, brushing my teeth and then my hair, grabbing some breakfast and making my lunch, oh right and my cup of tea, seeing as the weather is still cold, I put on my coat and now my spring boots (or running shoes) and grab my bag and head out for work.

At work, I’m usually sitting at my desk, walking to the printer, walking downstairs for the washroom, seeing clients in the conference room, etc.  After a 30 minute lunch and 8 hour work day, the day ends with going to the elevator to take me downstairs to street level…

I always walk to the bus terminus to the south shore and every day I walk past this corner and look at this same clock that shows me what time it is and I have a good idea which bus I’ll catch.

Today I passed it at 5:55pm. Normal time for me but longer than what I get paid for.  I don’t walk slowly but I like to look at everything, even though its the same everything.  Wait, this ad looks different! And its with hot Alex Skarsgaard.  True Blood, when are you coming back?

Into the bus terminus, I go and hop onto the bus to cross back into the suburbs.  When I get off the bus, I start seeing the sun set in the horizon and it shines ever so bright.

When I get home, I know that I’ll always be greeted by my little girl.  Look at her!

Isn’t she the sweetest? After walking around, watching Hong Kong Series with my mom with dinner and then doing my stuff like blogging, studying, reading, watching movies, etc, enjoying some of my free time.  Time flies in the evening and before I know it, my little alarm (aka my cat) tells me when its time to get ready for bed but hogging my chair every time I get up.

Then when I head to bed, she’ll eventually move herself to the bed and fall asleep (sometimes even snore).

My cat purrs like a machine.  Its loud and hypnotizing, so before long, my eyes get all droopy and its Zzzz time for me as well!

Thats my day! All pictures taken yesterday (Wednesday)! Wednesday is my off day for working out or else there would be something related to working out.  And seeing as yesterday was the day I watched back to back movies with my boyfriend, I really took it easy. 🙂

What does your day usually look like? Do you have a routine?

This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge for this week’s theme A Day in My Life!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day In My Life

  1. Love the pictures and the description of your day. It is fun to know about people that you know in the blog world. It is interesting to hear about what it is like to live in a city and have to commute by bus. It is much different here. I have a longer commute but it is in a vehicle and it is fun. I thought the alarm clock old phone was unique. I understand though. I would urge you to try something new some day and you might find out you like it even more. Eventually your old phone is going to die and move along into the old phone junk yard. 🙂 Thank you for all of your insight into the exciting life of a spy. 🙂


    • Doesn’t seem very interesting to me..haha! If spies were like this, then we have some excitement problems there 😉 I’ve tried other ways for alarm clocks. Conventional ones usually need to have like 5 around my room synced together and they don’t have that awesome function of multiple alarms. A new job would help the motivation to get up in the morning 😉 haha!


      • I am sure you already know then, if your job is not your passion and doesn’t make you happy. You need to find one that will. Just stating the obvious. Life is too short to be miserable all day long. 🙂 I am sure you have already thought of this, but it is so true. I am hoping your next spying gig is more pleasing to you than this one is. 🙂


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