Restaurant Review: Panera Bread at Burlington, Vermont

During any work day, I have a really hard time getting out of bed regardless of having to wake up at only 7am but on the weekends, my body goes into auto pilot and wakes up at 6:30am no matter what time I go to bed.  Being on vacation was no exception, which was also how I managed to get in an exercise and snuck a peek out of the foggy window.


While I was working out, my friend woke up as well and as the other two were still sleeping, we decided to head out at 8:30-ish to grab a light breakfast snack.  I had tried Panera Bread in Toronto.  And I loved it, so we headed over to the one here to try it out.

Obviously everything is made with  milk so I ended up taking a croissant and a green tea.


I love croissants. They are flaky on the outside and soft on the inside. Love them! I’m so glad my bad health hasn’t had to get to me totally take butter out of my meals so I can still enjoy a croissant once in a while. This one was super delicious.

My friend got a Bear Claw.

Bear Claw

Bear Claw

She told me that she liked it a lot.  Its her first time eating one.  I obviously can’t eat it but doesn’t it look so good?

Actually, jumping ahead a bit, we all were so full on the last day that before we left, we went to Panera Bread to grab a light lunch and I got a small Rustica Penne Bolognese.  I think thats the name.

Penne Bolognese with Bread

Penne Bolognese with Bread

I don’t usually eat pasta when I’m out but this one was so awesome! I love it.  It wasn’t too salty or too much seasoning.  Everything was just right.  It was light enough to give me energy to drive back without making me tired.

Do you have Panera Bread where you are? Do you enjoy it? What pastries do you like to eat when you are at a coffee shop? Tea or Coffee?

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Panera Bread at Burlington, Vermont

  1. You are in luck, Panera Bread in Maine. I go there for coffee occasionally. Their food is really good. It is one of my favorite places to write when it isn’t busy. Tim Horton’s is number one for writing.


  2. I’ve never heard of Panera bread, but I will look for it now.

    I usually don’t eat pastry at a restaurant, but if I want something sweet after the meal, I will have some coffee with cream and sugar, maybe two if the coffee itself is fresh and good.


    • I don’t know where its from actually, I have only seen it in Toronto and Vermont and Jonathan commented that he has one in Maine. Its not really a restaurant more of a coffee shop.It has a good assortment of pastries, breads and bagels. I bought a big bag of bagels to bring home and it was all very delicious 🙂
      I don’t drink coffee anymore so I wouldn’t be able to comment on the coffee there 😉


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