Burlington Restaurant Review: Magnolia Breakfast and Lunch Bistro

I`M BACK! Yeah, I posted up two posts yesterday because I was feeling guilty about not doing anything constructive (blog wise) on the weekend.  Anyways, I have great things for you this week.  I did PIG OUT like mad.  When I got back home, I didn`t even want to look at food, but I had my birthday dinner.  Yes, I turned 27 yesterday 😉 The border was beautiful because I had expected a 2 hours wait and it was 15 minutes instead.  The drive was fabulous!

Before I get carried away, I`m here to talk to you about the first restaurant we went to after we had arrived and settled in earlier than expected in Burlington, Vermont.  The receptionist at suggested Magnolia Breakfast and Lunch Bistro so we went off to check it out. It was a cute little joint tucked away in a corner.

Magnolia`s Breakfast and Lunch Bistro

Magnolia`s Breakfast and Lunch Bistro

The menu was pretty interesting because it featured food with gluten free and vegan options and it stated it clearly.  I was super happy when I saw a choice called Magnolia French Toast.  I haven’t had french toast in eternities and I missed it so much.  I tried to pick that but they said that the menu had just changed and that choice was no longer there and suggested the alternative Cinnamon Swirl French Toast.

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast (Vegan)

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast (Vegan)

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast sounded a lot better than it tasted though.  I believe they used some form of oat bread that had a funky taste.  I ended up drenching it completely with maple syrup before I could eat the whole thing.  I’m not one to waste food and it wasn’t totally disgusting.  However, I determined that this was the worst meal of my trip and from here on out, it is going to get better! 🙂 Just a preview of what is coming up.

Lets take a look at what the girls ate!

Bo Knows Breakfast: Oatmeal pancakes, home fries, two eggs, sausage, toast

Bo Knows Breakfast: Oatmeal pancakes, home fries, two eggs, sausage, toast

One of my friends (and past co-worker) took this plate called Bo Knows Breakfast and it consists of oatmeal pancake, two eggs, home fries, sausage and toast.  I don’t think I’m missing anything. She didn’t really enjoy it too much either.

This is the Classic with two eggs, home fries, sausage and banana bread

This is the Classic with two eggs, home fries, sausage and banana bread

One of my newer friends who works at my old job now in the position I used to have took this one: The Classic breakfast with two eggs, sausage, home fries and she chose to replace her toast with banana bread. She said that the potatoes had a weird taste to them but aside from that the banana bread was delicious and she enjoyed her meal.  Always nice to have some positive feedback, right?

Not sure..I think this is the California Omelet.  Its vegetarian :)

Not sure..I think this is the California Omelet. Its vegetarian 🙂

Her sister came along on this trip as well.  She took this one.  Looking at the menu online again, I think its the California Omelet but I’m not exactly sure.  I has to be one of the meatless choices.  Other than complaint of it being too big and she only ate half of it, she seemed to have really enjoyed it as well.

The service was a bit long because it took ages to pay and for us to leave.  The food at mixed reviews but if you drop by, I’m saying that you should try out the banana bread and the omelets.  Maybe its just our Canadian tastes are different and to us, breakfast places in Montreal are way more delicious and on top of that with more fruits on the side. Kudos to it using some organic and healthy ingredients though, the effort was noted and appreciated just not really for me.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with it but trust me, things get a lot brighter quickly 😉

**Note: This post included, if there are online links to the restaurant, I will link it to the name at the top so that you can head on over and check it out also **

P.S. I have 5 more food/resto reviews coming up this week 😉 So prepare to feel hungry!

9 thoughts on “Burlington Restaurant Review: Magnolia Breakfast and Lunch Bistro

    • Now finishing the comment I accidentally sent. ………. am 20 years ahead of you. Glad you had a good weekend in the states. I told you I called ahead so you could glide through both ways. Consider it my birthday present to you!! Hope your birthday was all that you were hoping it would be. 🙂


      • Thanks Jon! It was fun. I love getaways with great company, lots of laugh, relaxing environment and tons of shopping and eating 🙂 That is pretty awesome in itself. Our hotel had an amazing view of Lake Champlain 🙂 Plus, my mom made me a delicious dinner and her amazing cake 🙂 I had my loved ones and lots of fun, even that already makes for a wonderful birthday so with even more, even better!


  1. Happy Birthday! I lived in Burlington for 5 years and it it one of my favorite cities. So glad you could make a trip down there! Going to Magnolia’s was somewhat of a Saturday tradition in college. I hope you were also able to make it to Flatbread– by far my favorite restaurant in town… complete with homemade microbrews!


    • I didn’t know about Flatbread, but the other restaurants impressed me a lot also. It’ll be coming up this week so check back 😉 Burlington is a great place to be. All the slopes made the overeating feel better also..haha! And sitting at the waterfront was so calm and relaxing. Plus, everyone was so friendly. I loved it 🙂 Thanks for liking and following!


  2. Your photos are always so bright and cheery, Kim! They even make me hungry, too! Eggs is one of my favorite foods and omelet’s are one of my fave dishes to make. I love how meals can come together so quickly when introducing eggs to the menu. Hash browns are also a favorite of mine. Yum, delectable!

    Oh, happy belated birthday 🙂


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