The Liebster Award!

Yikes! Another award! I got this one some time last week from Mike at MikesFilmTalks.  A huge huge thanks to him for this.  I`m not exactly sure I should get this since I`m not exactly a new blogger.  I am learning and young in the sense of actually engaging myself more into the blogging society for the past 15 months or so.  Its amazing fun and definitely another perk is meeting and talking with a bunch of you awesome people.  Mike is definitely one of those fantastic bloggers who reads books at lightning speed and watching a huge variety of movies and reviews them in writing and in little videos.  He has a super fun blog and if you haven`t been there, run on over and head back here after you check out his blog.  I won`t mind at all because he deserves it!

liebster awardI`m looking Mike`s page for this award and I`m not exactly sure what the rules here so I`m going to improvise and say that you need to display the award logo, which I did on the side.  It says there are 11 questions and we have to come up with 11 questions of our own and in turn the nominees we give it to will have to answer those.  Did I confuse you yet? I think I am getting a little mixed up.

However, Mike likes to be different and he asked us to choose to either post a favorite picture and say why we like it or answer the eleven questions.  I`m a bit lazy and tired today so I will post up a picture (or a few).  I can`t just pick one since I don`t think I have a favorite picture with myself…but there are some that I enjoy.

Lets take you on a little journey into my life…

This is a fantastic idea and I am going to say that whoever I nominate should do the same thing 🙂 Post a favorite picture of yourself and take some time to tell us why you like it (a la Mike style). 😉

On with the hard part, the nominations… Apparently this award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I already don`t qualify and plus I don`t know how to check who has how many followers so I am going to wing it and nominate a few blogs…

Hungry and Fit

Laur Nicole Hunt

The Best Beer Ever


Jack Flacco

I love all of your blogs that I like and comment and follow, just I can`t name them all.  I know I`m lazy but here is a few.  If you haven`t gone to check it out, you definitely should.  They all cover some different areas of interest and its all fun and awesome.  Go on over and give them some love 🙂

Thanks again to Mike for giving me this nomination! Don`t forget to drop by his blog and check it out 🙂

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