On the Road..Take 2!

Its the long weekend starting today! Woohoo!

Its ridiculously early here in Montreal at 5:30 or so am (when I post this up).  Why am I up on Good Friday so early?

Well, I’m on the road again, my friends! Like last time in Toronto, I never abandon you so its just a short post to tell you that I’m out of town.  I know I haven’t been totally answering everything on reasonable delay this past week because its been crazy busy, I will be likely answering slow also to any comments during the day.  I’m out with three girls so as they told me that we’re intending to pig out..I’m foreseeing lots of food reviews ;).  We’re doing shopping so maybe I’ll have some Burlington finds. You’ll know all about it if not during the trip, when I get back 🙂

It’s only a less than two hour drive but I’m hoping that leaving so early that the border will be less busy.  Here’s me hoping, right? Going into the States for long weekends is something I tend to avoid but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

If you get bored, I rushed in a book review last night and a movie review will be going up once I get internet later today!

You know I always end these things to set off the awesome long weekend no matter what you do with some music to pump up the energy!

Have an awesome long weekend! 🙂

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