Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

I’m mega busy this week so walking outside with my tablet is impossible.  I barely even have time to watch a movie or an episode..which thinking about it, I started a movie on Monday while working out at the same time and have been meaning to watching second episode of Bates Motel but never got around to it yet.  Either way, so no pictures in regards to phoneography.  This month using my tablet really only worked in the first week.  Still, I’m going to contribute to this week’s photo challenge for Future Tense: A (or many) photos that “involves the present or hints the future at the same time”.

The first thought that came to my mind is this:

Sunrise on the desert in Egypt

Sunrise on the desert in Egypt

Sunrise reminds us that its the start of a brand new day and possibly some fun adventures or maybe some happy surprises that could come your way!

Sunset in Montreal

Sunset in Montreal

After that I thought about the contrast, with every sunset comes the night and the appreciation for the beautiful moon that would hand over us with lots and lots of stars sparkling in the sky.

Back in terms of present times, it seems like Spring couldn’t be installed (as per David @ Lead. Learn. Live’s post) BUT…

Daffodils in Toronto Zoo

Daffodils in Toronto Zoo

Tulips at the Ottawa Tulip Festival

Tulips at the Ottawa Tulip Festival

Daffodils and tulips means to me that spring has arrived.  I love daffodils for its beautiful bright yellow.  In Chinese, we call it, in literal translation, water fairy. Magical and beautiful. I have a few favorite flowers but this one always ranks the highest.

And for a glimpse of my life in future tense…

Graduation 2009

Graduation 2009

Graduation convocation means that the next step of my life has officially begun with new challenges and straight out stepping into the real business world to learn and apply everything I learned in school and put them to practical applications. It also means the all nighters, crazy stress and hauling 20 pounds of textbook is over (for now).

There’s a lot to look forward to in the future but as much as the present may hint the future, its up to us to see it in a positive light and make our future into a happy and pleasant one 🙂

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

  1. Sunset in Montreal is so filled with feeling. I love it! I think your pics are good enough to win photo contests! Have you ever thought in entering any of them? And that’s also a cool pic of you graduating. Nicely done 🙂


    • Haha! I have…but have you seen the ones that people actually win contests for? Million times better. I still have a lot to learn 🙂 Thanks Jack! I’m glad you like them…I’ll think some more about it..one of these days I will, I promise 😉


  2. Great work to take the time out of your busy spy schedule to post some pictures and tell your readers a bit about yourself. Love the graduation picture! How has the real business world, or should I say spy world, treated you so far? Everything you thought? Curious to know .


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