Week 3: Weight Check-in Starts!

Its been two weeks of exercises done, if I can keep this up for a month, I’ll be pretty impressed with myself because that means that I’ll have managed to keep it up and it will continue on for a while longer.  Its actually been pretty fun to try out all these new exercises and its been so helpful in relieving stress.  Slowly my routine is changing to incorporate what I want.  It hasn’t completely managed to reach fitting everything in yet, but I’m sure that with some time, it’ll all balance out.

On Wednesday, I started up my account at My Fitness Pal again.  It’ll help me track what I eat and the approximate of what I’m burning and taking in.  I’m pretty happy with that.  I usually taper off with these things so I’m hoping that with the help of reporting to everyone here as a journal and motivated to keep myself healthy and in the best shape possible, I will be able to stick with it 🙂 What’s good is that actually has the weigh-in to track how I’m doing weight wise.  Although of course, sometimes, before after pictures are the best, but I won’t be doing that here.  Maybe eventually I’ll do that for my computer.


Sunday was a most intensive exercise than I had thought.  It was awesome and fun but my muscles were still in pain so I gave it a little break and did an hour of DDR instead.  I went on intense mode so it helped me break a sweat and I was trying to catch my breath at the end of each course routine.  I didn’t perform well in the sense of breaking any records in the game or unlocking anything but still, it was efficient.


I did the workout in my room and for the first time, took out my mat for this Tone it up workout. It was supposed to be for Monday but seeing that Tuesday didn’t seem to have anything new except announcing their challenge, which I wasn’t going to participate in, I backtracked a little.  The workout consisted of 8  moves, 12 reps for each (some actually 12, some 12 alternating meaning 6 each side), and then the whole workout done 3 times.  I don’t have a link so here is the intro vid for the moves.

By the 3rd time, I started thinking that these girls over at Tone it Up was out to kill me.  Every muscle was contracted and I sat there downing lots of water.  I wanted to start the second part but to prevent any injuries, I stopped.


This is officially my off day.  Plus, I had chiropractor session and I try to not do any intense exercise afterwards.  However, it is the first day I started logging my food intake and setting my weigh-in.  However, I did end up going downstairs to do 30 minutes of DDR to get some cardio in because with the food/exercise being tracked, I realized I over-ate…It was going to be longer, but then the fire incident happened and that caused everything to be in a frenzy in the neighborhood.


Dragonboat day! WOOHOO! Who is excited?!?!? I am! Practice is totally awesome and fun.  We had a full group pretty much and it was doing little exercises increasing in length.  My coach gave me some pointers on my technique to work on and I’ll have to try to figure it out and hopefully get it right.  We did a bunch of body weights and it all was good fun.  Its starting to not bother me as much since I do them 4 other days in the week.  Oh, other than that, my friend might want to do the Color Me Rad 5k marathon.  Anyone done it or seen it? I’m intrigued.  I was going to do it last year, but then it clashed with something else that I had planned.


I went off the schedule on this day because it was another jogging day. Dragonboat is already cardio from yesterday so I wanted to get some more body weights since we did about accumulated 15 minutes or so of it on Thursday.  Flipping through my saved emails of post after post of workouts, I came to a  Pumps and Irons Online Workout Roundup and found this one: Core Challenge Workout.


Plans always change around a bit.  I had to go to work for some overtime in the morning.  After that, it held me up and bumped back my schedule for getting my haircut and then going home to make the cake for my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday gathering. That recipe was posted up this morning, you can check it out HERE! This resulted in me having some alcohol in my system and a whole bunch of food…so it ended up that I had to skip my workout.


My boyfriend usually works the weekends, and it was his birthday, but much to my surprise when I carried my tired self out of bed, I realized he was still home and not feeling well.  After taking care of him, my body decided to not do so well.  Thank goodness for my go-to herbal drink (talked about HERE) and after early lunch, Tylenol.  In the mid afternoon, my energy came back and I got in a longer exercise to compensate.  I backtracked to Saturday’s workout called Sunkissed Abs. This ripped my core like crazy.  I ran downstairs and set courses for DDR on Expert and Challenge which didn’t mean that I’d necessarily pass it all but it would be an intense cardio dance routine.  It definitely kept my heart pumping for 30 minutes.

Overall, the week turned out to be more eventful than I had imagined and I didn’t get to do the intended outdoor jog that I wanted because for one, the tempurature plummeted from last week.  The weather is looking up though, so I hope to get more workouts during next week. With Easter weekend coming up, I truly doubt it, but thats for next week’s update 🙂 However, with a mix of extreme DDR and some various workouts, this week, I did manage to get my 5 days in.  It was mostly light cardio in a way but the body weights that I put in really worked me to the max.

If you want to get yourself a challenge, the Core Challenge is super awesome and Tuesday’s with the YouTube video for the 8 moves was fun. Check those out if you want to get a good thorough core and total body workout respectively 🙂

7 thoughts on “Week 3: Weight Check-in Starts!

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  2. Great job sticking with it!!! A lot of people usually fall off the wagon after two weeks, so you’re doing exceptionally well! Are you on a new Dragon Boat team this year? I know some people who did Color Run here (same as Color Me Rad) and they loooved it! Very fun. But be sure to wear clothes you dont care about cuz the powder is hard to get out ( esp. on sneakers) and you might want a bandana for your mouth for the color bombs.


    • Thats what I heard about the color race. I got lots of crappy clothes and shoes that I can spare. I`m a pack rat, I throw nothing away. haha!
      I`m on the same team this year, Montreal Dragonfly, Its alright. We`ll see how it goes. There are some issues that I need to figure out…but workout will stick around for sure 🙂 I`m really determined!


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