A Word A Week Challenge: Action

Action is a big word! Last night was intense. If you saw my twitter feed, I said a bit about it.  There was so much action around here.

Like my cat playing with the strap of my bag…


BUT NO! That’s not the action I’m talking about… it was just to loosen the mood first!

Around 9pm, as I was in the basement playing some DDR to exercise away, lights started flashing outside my window. So my boyfriend and I went to check, and then sirens came. In the next 5 minutes, my street filled through a good section of the road with police cars and their flashing red and blue lights and the fire trucks were coming in from both sides.


As we peeked from the upstairs windows, we saw them disappear further down the street where my big pine tree obstructs the view.


 Eventually, I saw a neighbor get out of their house, so I grabbed my coat and put on my running shoes and went outside.  The house at the curve of the street was in flames.  We stood outside as a few neighbors gathered around and we talked about whether the house was empty, which apparently it was.  This house was next to one of my long time friend’s house so his brother was the first to realize it or something.  Somehow there were more and more trucks that arrived in the next 30 minutes or so.

We eventually went back inside even though the house seemed to still have flames on the roof that weren’t going out, probably because the wind was preventing the water from hitting it directly.  They closed off the parameters with tape right up to my house (excluding it).  This lasted for about another 3 hours with all the investigation and checking the house, etc.  and around almost 1am, all the cars and trucks finally  pulled out and left.

This was hard to look at even if I didn’t know the owners of the house.  Just the thought of how a structure could just be burnt to its frame in a matter of 20-30 minutes or whatnot.  Its pretty devastating to watch.  Excuse for the poor dark pictures, I would’ve captured the house on fire but the police was watching everyone closely and it felt wrong to do it.  This morning, they still had a police car stationed outside as surveillance for the burnt house, so I couldn’t do it either.  This was my action of the week and it took away all my energy by the end of the night.

This is my response to Sue @ A Word in Your Ear’s  A Word A Week Challenge.  Check it out!

7 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Action

  1. I know how you feel. We had a similar situation a number of months back when one of the houses down our street, about 20 houses away, had a fire. It must have happened early in the morning, after midnight, because we didn’t hear a thing. The only way we found out was when I passed by there one afternoon while going to Wal-Mart and saw a fence around the property and all the windows boarded up. I then noticed the soot from the flames running all along the top of a window around the side. It looked bad. I just hope everyone was okay. We didn’t see anything about the fire in the news so I’m assuming everyone was okay!


    • Yeah, 2 years ago we had one on the street that ran outside mine and I didn’t know much about that one. However, this one hit really close, only 3-4 houses away..and it was right between two neighbors that I knew personally. The house was believed to be empty. I’ll definitely check out the community news next week to see what they say happened or what the cause was. This one was pretty bad, the roof is practically all gone…If it wasn’t for bricks under the windows, it would probably have been a black frame.. Its always devastating to see how the things around us are actually so fragile…


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