YOU are Wrong!

That sentence as irritated me a lot at work and today, I almost lost it…ALMOST being the key word here.

This post could’ve gone a whole different path and I still have that draft here somewhere but I will refrain.  So here is me doing this in my way and sharing some music that I’m currently listening to as I fume quietly and using all my  EQ that I have inside of me to control the rage of yelling if that rude and disrespectful client calls again and continues being rude and saying things in an accusing tone of voice…

Some Hong Kong Pop/Rock music, whatever you’d like to call it…this helps me 🙂

I will go home and do some intense workout to get rid of this frustration and anger.  Maybe play some piano and watch a happy movie.  Maybe drink a glass of sangria to make me feel all happy and bubbly 🙂

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