Saint Patrick’s Day: Kiwi Cocktail

I’m thinking next year, I’ll start posting up cocktails..haha! Although that would result in a whole lot of drinking, more than my tolerance could endure probably.

On that note, yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day! How many of you celebrate it? Drink a bit (or a lot..whatever you fancy)! I don’t personally celebrate it but for the sake of joining it, I saw this cute cocktail that I wanted to try.  I had some kiwis that I needed to eat before they went bad.  I’m not a huge kiwi fan but I figured in cocktails, it should be alright.


I got this cocktail recipe from here:…-and-GREEN-5746

The kiwis I used were mega sour so this drink turned out to be extremely sour.  We added a little bit of vanilla coconut milk ice cream on the top to cool the drink down a bit and it helped balance the taste a bit.  And keep stirring if you try it out, the vodka sat at the bottom and I felt like I took a shot of vodka near the end.  I love vodka but man, strong stuff! However if you do just do a smoothie with this, I’m sure that this is super healthy 🙂

I love vodka based cocktails but its probably the last time, I’d mix in blended fruits..although I did one really awesome one with watermelon before.  Got that party started real quick!

Do you drink alcohol-based drinks/cocktails? What type do you like?

Thinking about this, I need to mix up something tonight to relax…before I seriously go crazy! Now, vodka, apricot brandy, or amaretto…hmmm…wish I had some mint leaves though, then mojito here I come 😉

7 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Day: Kiwi Cocktail

  1. margaritas, daquiris, vodka cranberry, vodka and watermellon pucker, vodka and red bull, mojitos, lemon drops, rum and coke… they are all good, and I’ll get them all depending on what I’m eating along with it or how I’m feeling that day. Then again, nothing beats a couple fingers of an aged single malt. 😀


    • vodka and redbull is lethal…I tried that once without knowing what it was at a party, felt like my heart was confused as to mellow out or energize itself…horrible feeling..haha! Never again!
      But everything else there are quite good 🙂


      • Maybe just because you didn’t know what it was and what to expect? I don’t know, I take it pretty easy with them, but if I’m out at a club I like them because they give me some energy to help me stay up and dancing, and they also give me a bit of a buzz to take the edge off the caffeine/sugar high and help me be more of a socialite.


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