Body Fat Percentage?!?!?

Last week, I told you all that I was going to get hardcore with those workouts and stick to it.  On Monday night, my boyfriend was staying over at my place and introduced me to a new thing that came with his stuff he orders online.  Protein powder or whatnot.  So he showed me these body fat callipers and I knew it would be downhill.  We calculated it all and I came to some mega revelations of how my body fat percentage is a nice few percent above where I should be.  I joked about it all week, but between seeming like it really bothered me, it was working great to be a motivator to eat (even) better and work out hard hard hard! I’d have to say that it did work pretty well 🙂 I said NO! to those Brown Sugar Pop Tarts that were on special at the grocery store…


Don’t you hate Mondays? I know I do…I’m always extremely tired after this day.  There was two workouts for Tone it up’s Monday.  The first was called Sandcastle Workout.  It was 5 exercises and the whole routine over 3 times.  What I love about Tone it up is that it covers the total body workout.   They ended this one with this ridiculous exercise combining tummy tuck with kickbacks, where first 10 is tummy tuck to the same side of the body and last 5 was doing this tuck to the opposite arm instead.  By end of the 3rd time of this routine, it started hurting.  Of course it doesn’t end there and we have another workout targeting the core called Itty Bitty Bikini. This workout routine actually works well with Friday’s release of Spring Breakers (especially after reading Dan The Man’s review).  I’m guessing in order to look like any of those chicks in that movie, I’d have to do this workout everyday..haha! Those ones had one which made me realize that one side of my core was stronger than the other, since I paddle in dragonboat mostly on my left, my right was way weak when I had to do the Side Plank Lift  (aka Love Handle toner).


Last week I loved their new cardio circuit workout.  This week was supposed to be similar so I was really looking forward to it.  This week, I employed the help of my boyfriend.  Granted, he didn’t do some of the exercises with me as he already worked out earlier in the day, he helped me with this fun workout called Grab a Friend n Go Workout.  Sometimes, these are days I wish I had a sister or I lived with my best friends.  Makes me reminisce those days when my gym buddy was my best friend in university.  Only issue I had was that they put those Hee Haws two days in a row and my quads were in massive pain the next day (and the day after)…Plus, I can’t wait for the weather to get better and I can dig up the skipping rope and do it outside.


After two days of doing these crazy workouts and dragonboat practice on Thursday, I decided to take a break and do some baking instead.  Turns out carrot cake was awesome delicious and a fine treat for rewarding myself for keeping up with the working out 🙂


I was so happy to get back into the paddling pool with the team to do some crazy paddling. I decided to work on my right side as a result of Monday’s workout revelation.  I’m that person who fills in on the left and right during the summer paddling season so I felt that it was time to work in some practice on the right side anyways.   I did realize that when I do the right side, I tend to be more flexible in twisting my core than my left.  Still need to get back into the groove of things though, I had to work double hard to catch up with the team’s pace or find the pace again at the minimum…and it felt like I started shortening my strokes.  Does that sound like gibberish? Point is, I need a lot of practices to get better…


As I decided to paddle on the right instead of the left side, my ass was hurting on the right because it wasn’t used to it.  Imagine sitting…that was painful.  Still, I came home and did the Tone it Up Workout at a freakishly late hour.  My boyfriend kept making fun of the workout name because its called Under the Sea Workout which is oddly separated into two parts so here it is PART 1 & PART 2. But then, he gets to, as he was watching Top Gear Special Challenge : Africa Part 2  while I was working out and obstructing his view here and there.   Some parts of this one was super intense but it was pretty fun to do, imitating sea animals.  I just wonder how people are so creative with these names.  Its really amazing!


Unlike last week, I took Saturday off.  One was because I had to go renew my driver’s license (which is so important).  I call it a sick joke, because its the annual fee you need to pay and due to expire on your birthday. So I have to dish out around $90 CAD on top of acknowledging that I’m getting older.  After running some errands and doing some much needed shopping, I came home and by the time my boyfriend got back from work, we realized that we had to head out earlier than expected to his sister’s birthday gathering with family.  Left me with almost no time to actually workout.  Plus, I started feeling sick, so I drank some chinese meds, and did a show and tell of it yesterday and went to rest.


I only managed to squeeze in a workout at 10:30 pm.  I did a crazy amount of baking and cooking and even whipped up something special for Saint Patrick’s Day (will be up soon).  By the time everything was done, I also thought it would be nice to switch it up and ended up doing the 16 minute HIIT workout from Pumps and Iron.  It was so fun, even though I didn’t have my medicine ball upstairs so I just balanced on my kettle bell.  I also need to get a slightly heavier kettle bell since I only have a 5lbs and thats pretty light for that exercise.

This week I also managed to get into 5 days of workout.  Still on track with what I want and I feel my muscles tightening up.  My eating habits are slowly changing as I’m choosing healthier options for snacks in particular.  Meals itself are usually already quite nutritious.  This week’s workout highlights have to be Grab a Friend n Go Workout and 16 Minute HIIT workout.

For next week, I should start doing a weight check-in (which I should’ve done in the beginning) and hope to see if it’ll actually drop after this new lifestyle routine.  I also need to find time to get a new bike.  Any bike experts would like to offer me some advice?

Happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Body Fat Percentage?!?!?

  1. You can do it Kim! I am sure that you will find a workout that you like and sticking with it is the biggest thing I think for success in weight loss. If you do something you have fun at it will be a lot easier. I don’t know anything about bikes, except I used to ride one when I was cool in junior high. Now more of a jogger, a very slow jogger. 🙂 I have great faith in your ability.


    • So far I’m pretty happy with these routines. They are fun and a good level of intensity. Not as much weight loss as toning my body. But I should hope to lose a bit of weight at the same time but in a healthy way.
      Jogging is great! I just don’t like jogging alone but biking alone is pretty enjoyable…and my friend will be training for marathon soon so I need to help carry water and stuff..haha! I think it’ll be fun 🙂


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