DDR Show!

A week or two ago, I post up a post on A Revolution That Never Left Me (click on the title to see post if you haven’t already).  Chris @ FilmHipster had said that I should post up a video of it “or else it never happened”.  I debated it at the time.  Then, Misty @ Cinema Schminema commented that if I posted one up, she’ll post one up also.  How about that? I told her I’d go straight to work that weekend.  I did end up filming this last weekend, however, I wanted to give you a live person intro and I spent a few times doing it today and I got all tongue tied, and by the late afternoon, I wanted to give it another shot, then everything ran out of batteries..both my camera batteries ran out, and my tablet ran out as well.  So I ended up editing the DDR clip a bit (because thats as much as I know how to do) and adding in a blooper at the end.

Here is the end product…just a suggestion, skip forward, it does get more intense with each song (3 different ones).  I almost cut out the last one but I really wanted to have you listen to the annoying guy in the background.  That has to be the most disgraceful part too.  After the last one, I cut into a cute and hilarious blooper-ish sort of thing 😉 So remember to check it out~

What do you think? Laughing at me yet! Awesomeness, because thats the goal 😉 I would never do this in public…and my boyfriend told me that..and I agree after this video!

Did you like the ending with the trial blooper?

What do you think about a vlog thing once in a while? I just have no idea what I’d talk about…Today was a disaster since I kept rambling on about randomness and it lasted for 6 minutes on ONE! Now you know why I didn’t want to post that up.  Maybe I’ll do it for future updates instead of writing a mega post on it.  Think thats a good idea?

14 thoughts on “DDR Show!

  1. WTF is going on here!! LOL – wow, I mean, I could NEVER EVER play that kind of game, let alone record myself doing it. Fair play to you Kim. Now Guitar Hero on the other hand….. 🙂


  2. Ok superstar! You are a real dancing machine. I still don’t get how those arrows make your feet move but at least you have rhythm! 🙂 I like the idea of a video blog, I have thought of doing it myself for awhile as a project but it is easier said than done and takes time to plan, edit and publish. Not so easy. Writing is way quicker! Thanks for the “serious” entertainment.


  3. Omg, SO MUCH LOVE FOR THAT!!! That was impressive!! I’ve only done DDR a couple of times and well…long story short, it’s kind of what theipc said would happen to him… 😉 I will do a video of me doing Just Dance as soon as I’m able – I’m moving in 10 days so the majority of my stuff is in boxes right now but I just emailed my friend who has a Wii and told her that I needed to borrow it and her to tape me. 🙂


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