But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales

Today’s daily prompt: Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!

august rush quote 2

August Rush is definitely one of my favorite movies.  The first time I watched this movie, it just reached out to me.  I can relate to how he feels, partially can relate to his situation.  I’m not a music prodigy but music is what always pulls me out of that dark place.  Its always been there to help me move forward and see things better, to express how I feel and understand myself a bit better.  Its my constant companion when I need to think things through.

There’s so many quotes in this movie that are just epic to me! I mean it gets me all emotional…every sentiment comes rushing to me. Judging from what I’ve seen about, this movie isn’t really appreciated but to me, it means a lot more.

august rush quote 3

Can you hear it? The music..I can hear it everywhere, in the wind, in the air, in the light. Its all around us. All you have to do is open yourself up and listen!

Doesn’t that just make you feel relaxed? I do that sometimes.  Just close my eyes and shut out every though and focus in on the little sounds around me.  I do that mostly when I’m somewhere in nature, not in the middle of the city.  It brings upon me peace of mind to listen to the water flowing, the wind whistling through the branches, the bird chirping…you catch my drift, right?

august rush quote 1You never quit on your music. No matter what happens. Cuz anytime something bad happens to you, that’s the one place you can escape to and just let it go. I learned it the hard way. And anyway, look at me. Nothing bad’s gonna happen. You gotta have a little faith. – August Rush

I wasn’t able to find a caption with the full quote but man, this is so awesome, right? That captures a huge part of my life and even now, when I’m feeling really stressed or bothered, I either turn on music and sing along or I go downstairs and play some piano and it immediately makes me better.  The power of music is just magical!

august rush quote

You know what music is? God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe, a harmonic connection between all living beings, every where, even the stars.

To end it off, here is one of my favorite songs August Rhapsody! Love the simplicity behind it 🙂 Bringing our everyday sounds together, piece together your own experiences and voila..a piece of music from your heart.  Totally phenomenal and this is the final song so its just like a ball of emotions and I always shed some tears…

What does music mean to you in your life?


13 thoughts on “But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales

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