Building A Balanced Lifestyle

Just to be clear, this isn’t a how-to guide.  I don’t know how to do that, well, I have the general idea.

As you have seen, my life consists of either baking sweets, cooking food or watching movies, at least on the my blog its starting to look like that.  I’m also a traveller but with restricted funds and doing a very average job, these trips are usually once or twice a year along with a few side trips here and there. Aside from all of that and trying to keep healthy, I do dragonboat, as I’ve posted a bit about here and there.  There has been a switch and I’ve felt the need to switch it up this year so I’m training a bit more this year and more consistently so I’m going to do a weekly update as to what I’ve done: Workouts I’ve done as like a way to log my progress.  Maybe some of you would be interested in it.  If you’re not, thats alright if you just brush past it.  However, it is part of my balanced and healthy and stress in balance resolution so anyways, I’ll be posting about healthy workouts as well 🙂 I have sort of introduced it before with DDR (which will have a special post go up soon).

So last week was pretty good for my first week where I’ve committed myself.  For all you people who follow me on twitter, I don’t usually tweet much since I’m still a beginner and the learning process has been slightly slow, I have been checking in with some of the workouts.  This month I decided to follow as closely as possible to the Tone it Up March Calender.  Just a note that you’ll find links to everything that you can reference so click away if you’re interested 🙂


I got straight to work on last week and tried to check out this interesting HIIT High Intensity Interval Training which was like 15 second of these exercises and I followed their YouTube video.  It was alright and it got my heart rate up so it was cool. Then I did their exact workout called Cowabunga Workout.  My only issue with that was that, seeing as I don’t live down South and I’m not surfing expert, do I need a surf board? I had a pretty hard time trying to get all surf board style on solid ground already. It was the first day and I didn’t want to kill myself yet since after a whole two weeks of constant injury and falls and all, I had been on a lot of resting mode than body weights exercises.


This was the usual day for a new workout on Tone It Up. This week kicked off a new workout for the Wedding series since one of the girls is engaged.  This workout Something Blue was super fun..although it made me wish my backyard and streets weren’t filled with ice and snow and that it was like some crazy cold temperature outside instead of running around my room and up and down stairs like a crazy person.  For once in my life, I’m actually wanting to jog outside…I’m not much of a jogger but this might make me want to do it just a bit more.


I took a break on this day.  It was a must though because I woke up with a stiff neck and couldn’t move it at all.  So I took it easy since the next day I had my dragon boat practice.


My neck decided it wasn’t totally ready.  I still went to practice though. I paddled for the warm up and the first exercise segment, then ended up jogging when the rest of the team was paddling and only joining in for the body weights


I had an early start to the day so I was a bit more tired.  I ended up not following the plan but rather I did a hour or so of DDR to just do get some cardio and it felt awesome!


Days off never work out the way I plan it to be but I did manage to squeeze in a workout in the afternoon or late evening, I don’t remember anymore. Its another Tone it Up one that I had saved already but never tried out and they put it in the weekly schedule.  This one is called the Love Your Total Body workout.  It had all sorts of weird names for the exercises but man, it definitely did the job.


I was going to work out to make up for Wednesday not working out but since I had managed to get in workout for 5 days of the week, it was alright to take it off.  Plus, I went to do groceries and had to lug them back in with me 😉 And technically playing piano exerts energy too.  Something I definitely should do more.

If you’ve stuck around till now, Thank you! You either love reading whatever I write or you like work outs. My recommendation from last week would have to be either Something Blue or Love Your Total Body.  Those were super awesome and felt great afterwards.  I’m totally charged up for keeping this regularly.

Last week, my work schedule also had a shift in schedule .  I’m trying to shift my schedule a bit so that I can all my stuff tucked into so sort of routine again.  So, with that, you might see my posting schedule a bit scattered and irregular here and there.  I will try to keep this up though because it really helps me keep the positivity around and the stress away 🙂

Happy Monday! And if you have any exercise or workout sites you’d like to recommend, please do! I’m always up to switch things up!

21 thoughts on “Building A Balanced Lifestyle

  1. Kim, that’s fantastic what you are doing! I’ve been doing a 30 minute pilates workout in the AM around 8am everyday except Saturdays (I love to sleep in, haha). Saturdays are also my “cheat” days where I can scarf down whatever I want in “moderation”, of course. Then at night (like in a few seconds), I do a 30 minute yoga routine. I’ve also switched up my diet too, including more fruits and following a “boot camp diet” from eFit30. I’ve stopped eating lettuce and only eat spinach for my salads..or in my BLT. Lol. For me, I try to keep my calorie intake less than 1500 a day and I try to drink 2 liters of water (9am-9pm). It’s more of a “way of life” for me to eat healthier. I know it has decreased in how much I’ve gotten sick. This is going on my second year of not getting one cold-only stomach virus. I use to get sick ALL the time with bronchitis, pneumonia and ER visits yearly for asthma attacks. I believe it has to do with my food intake and decreasing taking stuff like Advaire. I hate putting chemicals in my body. Unless it’s really necessary like my asthma pump-which I need daily…especially now with all the pollen in the air. Keep up the work girl!!


    • body crashed from stress a few years ago and I have very weak lungs so I have to keep working out. Just need to switch it up a bit and this year I’ve been getting into accidents so I’m working on strengthening my body as much as I can. I’m about to moderate some calorie intake but I already eat quite healthily so its not too bad.
      I hope to keep this up because its just been keeping me feeling great, positive and mostly stress-free. 🙂 I have never done pilates or yoga..we do some basic yoga moves to stretch after dboat practice sometimes! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


      • I know what you mean about feeling great after working out. This morning after pilates, I felt so great…more limber. They say food affects your moods too. I’ll have to check out the foods again to double check which ones they were. I’ll never, ever give up Pizza Hut meat lovers! Tonight I’m going to bed with a big smile on my face! 😉 Things are looking up lately! 😀


  2. Hey Kim, I like reading you because I always learn something I didn’t know. I think I enjoy your posts because you have a positive way of delivering your message without talking down to your audience. Otherwise, I would have said good-bye a long time ago. I’m not fond of bloggers who think they know the world and they haven’t experienced a thing. Those are the ones who say they’ve learned so much but give so little by way of real content. When I come to your blog, I’m guaranteed something substantial by way of an anecdote, a tale or a playful limerick. In other words, I have fun reading your stuff. And if we can’t have fun…what’s the point? 🙂


    • Thats really nice of you to say that, Jack! Seriously, it means a lot. Most days I think that I don’t even know if the posts going up are good or not. Its just how I feel. The point of blogging is to have fun and share a bit of positivity and life with everyone and we learn from each other’s posts. We stay positive together and share opinions. Its fun like that. Life stops me from interacting with a lot of people outside of work, family and the small group of friends and chatting with other people always helps see beyond our own little world. There’s never enough experiences in life, its all observing whats around us 🙂 Anyways, I ramble but I really mean it! Thanks a lot for this comment! 🙂


  3. My friend over at Rogue the Girl just did something that sounds similar to this called the 30 day challenge at something called…Body Rock, I think. She just did a review of the whole 30 days broken into parts too like you did here. I don’t do much exercise, not like this but in the warmer months I go running and hiking a lot, also like kayaking! 🙂


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