Horton Hears a Who! (2008)

After almost a week break from movie reviews, I’m ready to bring it on again.  I have a few more to write but at least now I’m a bit more charged up. Here we go! 🙂

Based on the children’s Dr. Seuss book Horton Hears a Who!, this animation is one of the first Dr. Seuss to be made in animation again.  I watched it on Saturday since I knew from a few posts floating around saying that it was Dr. Seuss’s birthday.  I had to celebrate it in my own way and seeing that I had already reviewed The Lorax before, this seemed to be a good choice.

horton hears a who posterDirector: Jimmy Hayward, Steve Martino

Cast: Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Carol Burnett, Will Arnett, Seth Rogen, Dan Fogler, Isla Fisher

In the jungle of Nool, Horton the elephant (Jim Carrey) is minding his own business with his own day when he heard a little yelp coming from a speck floating around.  He imagines a man and his family in need on the speck so in case they will be in danger he runs after the speck to save it and ends up catching it on a clover.  When he says this story to the uptight and snobbish Kangaroo (Carol Burnett), she doesn’t hear anything and doesn’t believe him and warns him to not spread the nonsense to others.  He disregards her and then realizes that he needs to yell to allow these little people to hear him and he yells HELLO.  This one Hello travels down to the world on the speck called Whoville.  No one is aware of their tiny existence in the world until his one HELLO reaches the Mayor (Steve Carell).  The Mayor who is a slight goofball but notices that Whoville is incurring weird changes and when Horton confirms him of their tiny presence, Mayor goes to ask the scientist Dr. Mary Lou Larue (Isla Fisher) who predicts disaster if they were actually a small city.  It is then the Mayor asks Horton to help him move the speck and its clover to a safer location to help regain stability in Whoville.  As the Mayor tries to protect his city while convincing the Council about the dangers, Horton is also with his own problems as Kangaroo does everything to remove the speck from him because she believes all this is nonsense.

horton and kangaroo

This animation is wonderfully adapted.  Its funny and awesome entertainment.  To start off, we have really good vocal talents, which is possibly one of the most important contributing aspects to a great animation.  We have Jim Carrey in the lead role as Horton.  I’m a huge fan of Jim Carrey and his voices along with his humor.  It probably all began when I first saw him in either Mask or Ace Ventura.  But then, we’re not to discuss that, but point being, in this one, he’s crazy fun and enthusiastic.  In his opposite lead, we have the Mayor voiced by Steve Carell.  I haven’t seen a lot from him but this man is quite comedic as well.  In this role, he’s just a super good goofball. He has funny reactions and exclamations.

horton speck

I love the way they spiced up the dialogue but kept the book dialogue with a narrator in the back to help coordinate between the two worlds.  Its really funny most of the time and whenever I watch this, it puts a gigantic grin on my face and I start laughing out loud in a lot of parts.  It never hits the too serious area which is awesome because this is aimed towards children.  The colors are also fantastic because they are bright and sharp.  It helps keep the movie in the uplifting mood even if there is some dangers lurking about.

mayor whoville

This is absolutely great family fun! Its great for all ages and guarantees lots of smiles and laughter.  It has amazing actors doing the voices aside from just Jim Carrey and Steve Carell.  Everyone does a fantastic job in their roles.  Its heartwarming, endearing, fun, comedic, enjoyable. I think this trailer captures it perfectly and its also the song I love renditioned a la Horton Hears a Who! Style 🙂

Before I let you go, I’d like to recommend this movie (if you haven’t realized yet) 🙂 And also as every Dr. Seuss story, we always have a little lesson to be learned so I’d have to share it here to end this off:

horton quote


25 thoughts on “Horton Hears a Who! (2008)

  1. I absolutely loved this movie! I saw it with my kids in the theater and then got the DVD. Every once in a while we pop it in to watch and see the awesome, funny one-liners. It’s such a great movie!


  2. Another awesome review. Who doesn’t like Horton Hears a Who? I remember reading it when I was young and I liked the movie. I am glad you liked it because like all Dr. Seuss books, they define character or teach us a lesson. A person is a person no matter how small! Great lesson that people still ignore today. Hope your having a great day in Canada. 🙂


    • Its been a pretty good day over in Canada! We see the sun finally and I was able to wear my casual shoes to work instead of boots. Daylight saving time is this weekend, means I’ll see the light when I get out of work. As for Horton Hears a Who..I’m a HUGE fan of Dr. Seuss. I can’t write anything more about Dr. Seuss because I think I have at least 5 on him and his lessons, etc…Its nearing an obsessions..yikes 😉
      Hope its a great day for you as well.


    • Horton was a success. I do love The Lorax because its possibly my favorite Dr. Seuss story. The movie had me tapping my feet through the songs. I liked the jokes and all as well. But I do know that there are mixed reviews on it. On the other hand, Horton is different because its really fun the whole way through, plus they have amazing one-liners as Jack mentioned before. This really makes it into probably a better movie…but yeah..Horton and The Lorax is the better ones, I didn’t enjoy the remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas…


  3. Dear Kim,

    You regularly update us with your reviews on many movies, most of them are unseen by me. But being a movie buff myself, I look for their DVDs and watch them. I love your choice of movies, really!
    However, I have a request. I wanted to read you reviewing an Indian movies for once atleast. I know Indian movies stand nowhere on global platform, but it does not mean we don’t have any such movie. We do have.
    I am listing a few of my favourites which I think should match your taste. If you review ANY ONE of them, I would be pleased.

    1. Rang De Basanti:
    The movie is about a group of pass-out buddies who do nothing but just chill around. Soon they agree to act in a movie about the independence of India but just to woo the foreign film-maker. They never believe in such ideologies. The movie parallel focuses on two India – One Before independence and other being the present India.Though 50 Plus years have passed after independence yet the corruption from high level to the root level,from officers to politicians is as it is or better say has increased.This forces 5 youngsters to rise and fight against the system.Rang de basanti went on to become one of the most popular Indian movie of the decade.

    2. Swadesh:
    An NRI returns back to India to take his old nanny with him to USA. He finds her in a remote village. On staying their for few days, he faces the harsh realities of the poor village. Being a NASA scientist, he generates electricity in the village. The movie was highly praised for its true depiction of the society and its thinkings.

    3. 3 Idiots:
    2 college friends sets on a journey to find their lost friend who influenced and changed the lives of people surrounding him. They are on a voyage to find him after 10 years and remembers their past days with them. This movie is the biggest blockbuster of Indian Cinema till date.

    4. Taare Zameen Par:
    It means ‘stars on the earth’. A Boy who finds studies as the most difficult task meets an art teacher who helps him in every possible way to explore his real side. The star of the movie is a small kid but its not a movie ‘just for kids’. The movie was instrumental in changing the mentality of the parents towards their children.

    5. Hera Pheri
    This movie is nowhere near being intellectual. It doesn’t boast of anything thought provoking. But if you ever feel depressed, watch this movie. One of the most hilarious movie of all time.
    A kidnapping, a wrong call, 3 unemployed men…. and lots of misunderstandings with FUN. Hera-pheri is an excellent comedy movie.


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