My Everyday in 5 Shots

I guess this would qualify as the first intro to the March Phoneography.  In yesterday’s post, I already said I would participate with my darling Samsung tablet that confuses me with the wordpress app.  But still I remain hopeful, so here it goes…first topic I chose is to upload 5 photos of my everyday life. So if there are errors, it will be fixed as soon as possible..or you could bring it to my attention or suggest some solutions.


Book and tea, my lunch escape

My lunch time is my time to relax especially now its recently been decreased to 30 minutes with extended workdays. My book and tea in peace and quiet is my time to recharge my EQ.


Looking out the window waiting for the elevator

The clouds and the rooftops are what I subconsciously look at every day as I stand and wait for the elevators to bring me down to street level to take my after work stroll or speed walk session. Isn’t it a mesmerizing sight? Sometimes I forget how beautiful working in Old Montreal really is…


On the way to bus station

This street is constantly used for film locations. Its the path where I take in all the “fresh” air. And be thankful that I made it through the workday when there are still people about. After a certain hour, it is totally empty…creepy, quiet, dark..then the overly imaginative mind kicks in…


Underground city


Revolving doors to rush hour buses

Thats my every day! Boring as it may seem that the routine to and from work is. In the summer I like to spice it up and take different routes to go to the bus station. Sometimes these little photo challenges and activities make me realize that there is so much in my everyday life that helps me relax and makes me not too deep enough to see their beauty.

13 thoughts on “My Everyday in 5 Shots

    • Montreal is beautiful! I`m starting to notice it more..its just we know about all the dirty secrets and drive in the constant roadwork, the craters which they call potholes in the roads, weekend traffic jams, the politics…so less beautiful to us. But the city itself is quite nice to look at 😉 Especially the area I work is half touristy in off side areas of Old Montreal so its very European architecture 🙂


    • Its a pretty awesome city! Refer to Mike`s response for the explanation again 🙂 Aside from being cheaper filming location, I think the city is pretty decent looking for it to be chosen more and more to imitate NYC for example….haha!


  1. Great photos Kim 😀 The second to last photo looks just like the outside of my work (in central London!). March Phoneography?? How do I participate?!


  2. Great photos of course. It is fun to see what you experience every day. I should do that some day. There is a picture of a tree, a turkey, my goofball best friend, some snow, another tree, a lot of dirty roads. that would be about it. Until spring when we can add leaves to the mix. Thanks for the great pictures and entertainment Kim.


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