A Bite of China: Steamed Eggs

Yesterday I posted about making Braised Shrimps and as an aside, I made some Steamed Eggs.  The original A Bite of China recipe is with Sea Urchin.  Honestly, I have no idea where to find ANY sea urchin, not to even mention that I’m not really a big fan of it.  The chinese specialty to me is just the steamed eggs part.  So I matched it up with some slices of cucumbers.  It may not be right by the book but I think the most important part of cooking is to gear it towards what the people eating it would like. You know, making it my own.  So here we are with my Steamed Eggs with Cucumbers.

Steamed Eggs

By the way, excuse the quality of the pictures.  Its a bit hard now, since on Valentine’s Day I dropped my camera and now my LCD screen is cracked.  But thank goodness mine is a bridge so I can use the viewfinder to take pictures.  I just can’t review them as much until I put them in the computer.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to repair it without it costing me an arm and a leg…

Back to the recipe, I’ve always liked steamed eggs.  Only deal is that this was a slight fail because its supposed to look smooth on the surface along with a smooth (is there another word) to the texture.  It didn’t taste bad.  You should add a bit of soy sauce on the surface for extra flavouring.  I did that afterwards when the plate reached the dining table.

Here are the ingredients and how to make it!


2 eggs


Cucumber (chopped)

How to make it:

1) Put eggs into a bowl, put the same amount of water as the liquid of the egg.  Beat the egg, cucumber and water together.

2) Pour eggs into a wide dish and steam at high heat for 5-7 minutes.

Voila! Here is the steamed eggs with cucumber! I will investigate on how to perfect it and give a take 2 after my mom comes back so I can learn the proper way.  Still, it is a very awesome recipe. What makes it better is to either use sea urchin as they say or what I usually use at my place is dried scallops.  However, they seemed to have vanished.  Next time, I’ll probably use that instead of cucumbers.  I’m looking forward to it!

Whats your favorite way of making eggs?

11 thoughts on “A Bite of China: Steamed Eggs

  1. try 1 portion of egg with 2 portions of water, then add a drop of vinegar when the egg is getting “solid”, it will be “smooth” at the end


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