Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

I’m all for affection and love and all. I just felt like I had posted about this during Love..haha! Now we’re back with KISS *facepalms* I’m serious…I don’t take that many kissing pictures.  Wouldn’t it be awkward to try and shoot myself and my boyfriend kissing all the time? I think so..

Anyways, I did spend time on this, digging through pictures and searching for kissing when I was out this weekend.  That last part sounded like I was stalking people.  I wasn’t…either way, lets check it out!

Wedding Gift

Personalized M&M’s with Hershey Kisses I got at a wedding last year

Chip n Dale Disney

Chip n Dale giving me a kiss in Disneyland Hong Kong!

Birthday Kiss

My boyfriend giving me a kiss on my 24th birthday a few years back

And my teaser for this weekend’s adventures! The post should be up by tomorrow!

Husky Kiss

Kiss from a beautiful Husky

I found more kisses than I had expected but if you want to see more.  I have them in a previous Weekly Photo Challenge right HERE!

However, this is a response to the Weekly Photo Challenge and you can check that out HERE! Go on over to check out the other fantastic entries or join into the fun!

Happy Monday!

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

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