A Bite of China: Braised Shrimps

This weekend was really efficient.  Yesterday I managed to get 2 A Bite of China recipes made for supper and then managed to make a nice little dessert as well.

The first up was making this Braised Shrimps.  Shrimps is possibly one of the easiest foods to cook because its really all in the marinade.  It gets thoroughly cooked rather quickly as well.  As I got older, I slowly grew out of my seafood love but now and then it does pop up.  With my mom in Melbourne for my cousin’s wedding, I made it a point this time to maximize on what is already in the house, because my mom keeps tons of food in the freezer.  And guess what? I found a bag (or a few) of shrimps.  Perfect for a nice meal and to hone my Chinese cuisine skills.

Braised Shrimps


Refer to my previous post about my cookbook for Poached Chicken to see what I say about the quantities and their cookbooks. I personally don’t understand who makes 6 shrimps.  I guess if you wanted to make a small gourmet dish, right? I’m Chinese and I don’t do fusion cooking so I don’t make 6 shrimps.  I’m not sure if that’ll even feed me completely, let alone I have to feed my boyfriend with the meal also. So I improvised a bit with the quantities to increase what was in the book.

This is how I did it.  I used about 20 shrimps instead of 6…


20 Shrimps

3 tbsp Cooking wine (I used Rice Wine)

3 tbsp soy sauce

1 tbsp vinegar (I used rice vinegar)

2 tbsp granulated sugar

1/2 bowl water

2 stems green onions, chopped (used garlic instead)

3-4 slices ginger (I chopped them)



1) Wash shrimps and devein if you  need to.   Put in a bowl and pour in the cooking wine and mix it together.  Set aside.

2) Combine soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and water and stir together.

3) Heat up some oil in the wok and put in the shrimps.  Cook shrimps until they are red on both side and they should have some oil that comes out.  Take out shrimp only.

4) Put in the onion and ginger into the pan with the oil and fry until its golden.  Pour in marinade sauce and heat until it boils.

5) Add in the cooked shrimps into the wok and put in desired amount of salt for flavor.  Cover the wok and set to low heat to simmer for 2 minutes.  Afterwards, set to medium heat to reduce the sauce a little.  And its ready to be served!

Here’s the recipe.  Don’t completely trust my quantities because I really played around with it till what looks right.  You will know when it looks right.  Just add in more or less as you see fit.  It turned out tasting pretty awesome! Actually, I didn’t even think it would taste good, because of all the guestimations.  Its very delicious dish.  You should definitely try it out if you are into seafood!

Are you a seafood fan? What seafood do you  like the best?


16 thoughts on “A Bite of China: Braised Shrimps

  1. Shrimp are one of my favorite things ever. I have loved them since childhood. Your recipes sounds fantastic. If you are looking for a great beer to go with your shrimp then follow my blog for the best recommendations.


  2. Great post. There are only a few things in the world that I do not eat. Any and all types of seafood are on the list. I think it has become personal because there are probably some things that I would like. I mean I eat tuna, but I don’t think that counts. I am glad you are improving your cooking skills, your Mom should be happy you are following in her footsteps and your boyfriend should be happy, great food cooked for him! 🙂


    • My boyfriend used to not be a seafood person. Like you, he only liked tuna. But during these last few years, he’s grown to like shrimps and he is totally in love with lobsters.
      My mom hasn’t been around to witness much of this though. haha! And she always has new things to teach me. The other recipe I’ll post up (probably tomorrow) has something I have to ask her about.
      I am finding joy in cooking. Still not as much as baking 😉


      • I don’t think I can ever be converted. In Maine lobster is one of the major exports, people who come here on vacation exclusively want to eat lobster. I personally don’t see the attraction. I don’t like it all that much. I would eat it if I was starving but other than that. No thanks.
        If it makes you happy to cook then cook away my friend, I like to read all of your adventures on Tranquil Dreams.


      • I’m starting to think Maine is a good place for a close by vacation..haha! I was actually by its border this weekend for my day trip.
        But I understand…I used to like seafood a lot more than I do now. Right now, I only eat certain types of fishes frequently like salmon. And plus, lobsters, crabs, shrimps are all rather unhealthy, cholesterol-wise and stuff..so we avoid it at my place a lot.


  3. Haha!!! 6 shrimps….that’s like on the back of a bag of chips, how 1 serving is like “3 chips” or something like that. SO ARBITRARY. I really like your bite of China series so far, keep it up!! I think I’ll be trying this shrimp one soon as well, it looks pretty simple to do.

    By the way, a coworker went to Maine recently for vacation and told me something I never heard of before…..Maine has soft-shelled lobsters! He said they were absolutely delicious but do not travel well at all, hence you can ONLY eat them in Maine! He said he wakes up craving them some nights. They also vacationed on a lobstering ship, which sounded really adventurous too. Got to eat some fresh lobsters straight from the sea 🙂


    • I seriously was asking that and rolling my eyes. Are they for real? 6 shrimps? If I ate more than 6 shrimps, would I be considered a pig?
      Glad you like it! I’m happy that its actually pretty accepted. I have another recipe going up. Its just tiring because I need to translate the recipe before I post it up. But you know, I’m trying to get some takers for Stinky Tofu…I’m going to prolong that one as long as I can…:s
      Back to happier thoughts, lobsters..and soft-shelled..YUM!


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