Living in the Moment!

I haven’t had time to actually go check out my Youtube subscriptions until now.  I was out all day yesterday on a day trip and I promise that will go up in the next few days right after I flip through the pictures and put a post together.

Today, this awesome song was the first one on my newly added from the channels I follow from the awesome Jason Mraz!

Living in the Moment is definitely an uplifting song for this wonderful Sunday!  I love living in the moment and strive to do it all the time.  Whenever I get off track, I always try to remind myself and now I have a song to help me along!

Love the lyrics, especially these! If there are anything missing, I was trying to type it up as the song played in the background…

I’m letting myself off the hook for things I’ve done, I let my past go past, and I’m having my fun, I’m letting go of the thoughts that don’t make me strong, And I believe this way can feel the same for everyone.  And if I fall asleep, I know you’ll be the one to always remind me.  To live in the moment, living my life, easy and breezy, with peace in my mind.  With peace in my heart, with peace my soul, wherever I’m going, I’m already home. I can’t walk through life, facing backward,I have tried, tried more than once that I was denied the future I’ve been searching.  I spun around and hurt no more by living in the moment…

Happy Happy Sunday my loves!  Hope you like it 🙂

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