Weekly Photo Challenge:Home

Home is where the heart is.  Home is just where I feel that I belong.  I remember reading a book when I was in elementary school called The Belonging Place written by Jean Little.  That author was just amazing.  I’ve been meaning to find this book and read it again. But thats exactly it, home is where I belong, where I feel warm and cuddly and safe.

It can be a variety of things, like a home cooked meal…



Or a playful glance, or wrapped in a security blanketor just wrapped in the affection of the ones we love





My cat is the best example because she had found her security with us.  Now she takes on the protector role where she comes and checks on me during the day or she doesn’t sleep on my bed unless I’m home or working at my desk.  When she was a kitten, she would just sleep and forget about everything because she’s secure on my lap.

That’s is feeling at home: belonging, secure, warm and happy!

Its like travelling with my boyfriend, it doesn’t ever really  matter where we go.  The point is the quality time we spend together taking hikes, sitting in the car talking on the drive, planning out our destination, eating our meals together and exploring the cities near or far.  That’s what makes it memorable, the people we’re with because the make us feel at home.

I’m submitting my response to this challenge so last minute. Hopefully next challenge I’ll be back in the game.

If you are interested in joining this challenge, check it out HERE!  You can also check out other entries there!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:Home

  1. Great pictures. Enough food there? I always seem to look at your pictures of food when I am famished. Nice cat, I am not a cat person, but I understand the attraction. So many talents in one person, photography, cat tamer, spy, educator, musician, writer, movie expert and of course top notch chef. It must be difficult to be that awesome! 🙂


    • Just a disclaimer here…full credit of the dinner goes to my mom. Her home-cooked meals are to die for. She’s awesome at Chinese food but man, she makes a kick-ass steak also.

      Believe me, my little girl/cat catches the hearts of even those who are not cat people. I always say, she’s not a cat, she’s just a dog embodied in the body of a cat.

      And you’re going to make me blush with all those compliments. I’m far from multi-talented just too many hobbies for my own good. haha! What is that saying? Jack of all trades but master at none? Is that how you say it?


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