Valentine’s Day Special

We’re finally here! The absolute last post dedicated to Valentine’s 2013!

From the weekend till now, I’ve been planning for this and not really sure if I wanted to do it.  I went through all the books I had and tried out a whole bunch of stuff.  Seeing which one would be awesome to put here. I guess I’m a last minute decision person because some time last night I started convincing myself that this was a good idea.  My few original ideas still needed a bit of polishing.  (Note to self: stop putting things to the last minute) BUT, point is, I managed to get it together.

Enough with the talking…I’ve already posted and wrote WAY too much.

My cover of Cinderella’s So This Is Love.  I did this last minute so its not perfect! I would’ve added vocals if I did have more time.  If you would like that, I could always do that and repost again (on the weekend).

I was going to even turn it into a little vlog style.  But I was a bit shaky and nervous thinking about my face on a camera and talking to all of you..haha!  What if I say disastrous things? :O I will do it one day though. I’d love to tell you how much I love and appreciate all of you with my actual voice and not just my writing 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you you enjoy it!  I promise this is the last post…until tomorrow!

My fellow awesome friends/bloggers/visitors (whatever you’d like to call yourself), any song recommendations you’d like me to learn and cover on here? I’d gladly do it 🙂

What do you think about posting up a vlog? Anything you want me to talk about other than getting all mushy and appreciative.


P.S. You know I had to watch Cinderella after this. Review coming up soon 🙂

16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Special

    • Thanks Jonathan! These things are super fun! I did a Halloween special before. Same deal with playing piano movie theme song. And then in December when we had a huge storm, I did a singing thing with my boyfriend. You could check it out if you`d like

      For sure, I`m going to do a vlog one of these days. Just need to figure out how to be all natural and fun. Don`t want to start boring everyone that drops by.. haha!


      • I know what you mean. I have thought about doing that as well, several times but it is harder than you think. I will find the post of you singing, I really want to see how close the sound of your voice in my head is to the real thing!
        My advice for vid blogging is make a script and talk like you would normally about whatever it is you are talking about. You obviously have a great personality that will show through. It will be fun for you if nothing else and give a new horizon to conquer! Be like Nike, just do it!


      • HAHA! Just do it! There’s a movie that says that too and I always imitate it..just can’t remember where I got it anymore.
        I’ve done some making vids where I talk for my bf and mc-ing and all. Its just been so long ago. Its diff I guess. Nervousness is just from worrying about how others see me, I think. Once I figure out what to talk about, it’ll be cool :). If not, I’ll just start a whole ramble session..haha! That would be boring…


      • In the immortal words of Led Zepplin, “Ramble On” , I am sure it will be interesting because you are interesting. One person might find fault with what you say or how you talk. I have two words for them, and they are inappropriate, but as Joel says in Risky Business, Sometimes you gotta say what the ………..!


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