Valentine’s Baking: Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

Whats a good morning (any day) without a little sweet tooth craving fulfilled, right?

I was going to make a huge chocolate cake for my boyfriend.  As he is trying hard to stay fit (aka lose fat gain muscle), I didn’t want to make him lose track so I asked him what he wanted.  He saw this and wanted me to do it right away. Last night, I went downstairs to bake this gigantic cookie.  However, I didn’t want to use a skillet so I just used a square baking pan.


This recipe was from Martha Stewart’s site and if you want to try it, just go to this link:

This was a crazy easy recipe to do.  I didn’t do any adjustments to it.  However, I don’t own any semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips at home but I still had a bunch of chocolate chunks.


The only long part was waiting for the giant cookie to come out of the oven, since its in there for 40-45 minutes.  Of course, this gave me time to finish up my last movie in the marathon (The review will be up a bit later today) After about halfway through baking time, the house started smelling like chocolate and sweets.  A mouthwatering aroma…and it wasn’t even done yet.


Just look at that right there.   That’s what a piece of this cookie looks like.  I can’t eat chocolate but my boyfriend gave it a little time to cool and cut this piece out right away to try.  I know when he really loves something and this one, he totally loved it.

Try it out! Whats a better time than Valentine’s day to treat yourself and whoever you choose to spend it with sharing a giant chocolate chip cookie, right?  Chocolate is just right for all occasions.

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Baking: Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Okay, you have my attention! Anything with the words “chocolate chip cookie” is what I adore most in this world. Your dish looks so delectable. Makes me want to join Fight Club to win it as a prize! So good. Scrumptious!


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