Happy Year of the Snake!

Happy Year of the Snake! Its finally arrived!

Last night my best friend had me over for Chinese New Year`s dinner at her house and it was super fun because I got to catch up with her.  We’ve both been so busy so all we have time to do is just text each other randomly.  It felt great to have someone to talk to and just enjoy some relaxing times together.  Her parents treat me like their goddaughter so its always heartwarming to be in that environment.  Feels like home.  However, I was having so much fun that I didn’t even think about pulling out my camera and snapping pictures.  But I kid you not…we had 10 people altogether and 20 plates of food and it was all SO AWESOME.

Earlier though, I had gotten up extra early to run to the store to get some fresh flowers.  Its tradition and even if my mom isn’t here, I thought I’d get the celebrations on by myself.  Not to the extent that my mom does it, but you know, just keep the New Year traditions going at the minimum, give the house a fresh look to bring in a new beginning.

My mom did decorate the house before she left and with the flowers I bought, its just beautiful! Here’s how it looks around my place now 🙂

Chinese New Year is all about doing things and decorating and eating things that have good symbols whether its it the sound of the words or whatnot.

Usually we decorate with banners with different proverbs (??) that wish for good fortune, say with the typical Gong Hei Fat Choy! By the way, my mother tongue is Cantonese. We have little dangling wishes from the ceilings like up there wishing for everything to go as we wish during the new year.  We welcome the new year with happiness all over the house. Everything is red before its what we believe is good luck.

When choosing flowers, we pick the ones that have sound and represent good wishes.

So here, you see the flowers I chose:

The yellow flowers (not exactly what they are actually called) since these are from the garden, but we call them Strings of Gold. Give me a bundle of those, I know 😉 This year I matched those with pussy willows which we call in direct translation Silver Buildings (give me a 1000 bundles of those..haha). So for lilies, its name in Chinese is wishing togetherness and harmony in relationships.  And as for the orange/red Gerbera, its a bright color so it works with the tradition! Do you like the flower arrangements? I only practice once a year *blush*

Yesterday I reposted a past recipe I did last year for New Year’s so I made it again.  The pictures are right up there for the batch for this year! Almond Cookies are just awesome!

More posts to come up today (most probably)! Its Chinese New Year! YAY! Wishing everyone fortune, prosperity and lots of happiness! 🙂

What Chinese Zodiac are you? I’m a Tiger (or should I say Tigress? )

18 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Snake!

  1. Sounds like you had a great time Kim! Your mother sounds like an awesome lady. I appreciate learning about the Chinese New Year, it is not a big holiday here. In fact, I don’t think most people know about it. I am happy to educate everyone I meet. Happy New Year.


    • It was amazing fun! Any time with my best friend is always 🙂 My mom is amazing Here is not a big holiday either, not like San Francisco where they actually have time off. Here its just the Chinese community that is more into it and keeps the traditions going on :). If you ever want to learn more, feel free to ask.


    • Forsythias are gorgeous. My mom cut these from outside about 2 weeks before Chinese New Year and they blossom just in time for the celebrations 🙂

      Pussy willows are simply adorable. Love them so much. Its probably the 2nd year we actually used them as decorations. I just realized how nice they match with the Forsythias..maybe I`ll start using them more 🙂

      Maybe next year I`ll offer to send out Chinese New Year decor..haha! 😉

      Thanks Marilyn 🙂


  2. 恭禧發財! Those decorations and flowers are soooo beautiful!! So spring, it’s perfect for New Year’s 😀 Hearing about catching up with your friend made me super happy too…there’s some people whom I consider very close, but we fall out of contact for months or years. Whenever we get together it’s like….my face hurts from smiling, and like you said, it feels like “home” to be around them. This post really reminds me of that, it’s a very warm and lovely feeling.

    P.S. Red gerber daisies are my favorite!


    • Thanks 🙂 Its hard to stay in touch with everyone but it is easier when they live nearby or well, in my case, if they are my best friends. She doesn`t live that far away…thank goodness. But my other best friend is in sask, and we don`t have such a hard time to keep in touch. It just who thinks of the other first and makes the move to call or chat 🙂


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