Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

You know, I looked at this post and I was stumped.  I flipped through a good part of my pictures and there was nothing.

But thinking about unique, I stepped back and thought about the unique experiences in my life and here are a few:

butterfly 5

Butterfly landing on me while there were thousands of butterflies around me


Seeing a Polar Bear Cub in Toronto Zoo

In the same day at Toronto Zoo, seeing a baby penguin

In the same day at Toronto Zoo, seeing a baby penguin

Sitting right next to waterfalls

Sitting right next to waterfalls

Creating a unique Star Wars identity and sending it off into virtual space with two awesome friends

Creating a unique Star Wars identity and sending it off into virtual space with two awesome friends

Let me give a little cut here and say that KII in the middle is a fairly new fellow WordPress blogger, who goes by the name of Jelliefishie who also happens to one of my camp roommates in Taiwan back i n 2009.  So stop by her site and show her some love. She actually marks a very unique experience of making good friends in camp and staying good friends for years afterwards. Sometimes I can’t believe that this June we would have been friends for almost 6 years. Anyways, she’s awesome and you’ll see for yourself when you head over 🙂

So now, Jelliefishie is quite the unique friendship story in my book. But, before I could figure out how to do this challenge, I went to my boyfriend and asked him what was unique to him and without any thought, he answered, “Flea!”  Flea is my baby cat and she definitely is unique, from the first moment we got her till now that she’s almost 3 years old.

This is what she looked like when we bought her. Well, this was probably a week or two after.


Baby Flea with gigantic ears, big round eyes and curly whiskers

Flea was shy and shaking in the corner when we saw her at the pet shop.  We hadn’t expected to go get a kitten so soon, especially since I had just lost my cat just a few months before.  She just looked so adorable.  The first night we brought her home, after we introduced her to her food, water and litter box location, she started exploring my stairs and next thing you know, PLOP! she lost her balance and fell onto the first floor and thank goodness, landed on her feet. Of course, I yelled and panicked and my boyfriend went downstairs and picked her up and soothed her little scared heart beating at 100 mph. Let me tell you, that grabbed my heart because that night, I woke up startled by a mini furball sleeping next to me imitating me with her little head on the pillow and the rest of her body under the covers.  I tell you, it is the most adorable thing EVER!


Attention craving, curious and clumsy

Kittens are adorable and to those that don’t like cats, I’m telling you why Flea is unique and not just by her crazy adorable appearance and her little tiny runt-like body when she was a baby.  To me, she was like a hybrid of a cat and a dog.  Some days, I think she thinks she’s a dog.  I have never had a cat who would just want attention all the time and ask for it.  You call her name and she’ll come running to us.  She’ll even drop by all the time to play.

She may be a very normal brown tabby to others but we find the treasures in the simplest things and for us, our most unique ongoing experience is this playful, attention craving, curious and as you can see, music-loving baby cat.

What are your unique experiences? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

Also, if you would like to join this fun weekly challenge, head on over HERE! You can also check out other entries!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

    • Thanks! Love her name too. It was because she was tiny. Like my hands could hold her around her body when she was little.

      The weather doesn’t looking too bad from where I’m sitting..just dusting. Its supposed to get heavier here at around noon. 10 cms I believe. Is it bad over in Ontario (??), is that where you are?


  1. This is a good post, it shows a lot about you and your cat Flea sounds like a champ. This has a bit of everything, butterflies, polar bears and penguins. Awesome picture of the waterfall as well. Probably would look a little different today. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures and great stories. Have a great 10 cm snowy day.


    • Thanks Jonathan! 🙂 Flea is quite the charmer. Everyone loves her a lot because she’s so affectionate. This post has everything I love, especially butterflies and waterfalls. The soothing effects of waterfalls, man, I wish I was sitting there right now. Apparently, its rumoured to be 25cm…so who knows, right? Have a wonderful snow day also 🙂


      • I have no idea what 25 centimeters looks like but it sounds like a lot. You are inspiring me to write about my dysfunctional relationship with the metric system. I looked at your friends blog you mentioned. Very neat stuff. She doesn’t seem to be a baker.


      • Remember that storm at the end of December? It broke some serious records with like 42cm..so think bit more than half of that 😉

        Go and write about it. I’d love to hear about it. I’m telling you, you can write about the beauty of the floor and ceiling of your home and I’d still think its a good post 🙂

        My friend is awesome. She may not bake, but she’s an outstanding photographer and artist and gamer.


    • Oh, is she on your blog? Is that what your username is based on? If so, I need to look it up 🙂 Cats are such adorable ones. They sometimes drive us crazy, like when Flea jumps on me on Saturday morning at 7am to feed her, but then they do the cutest thing and melt our hearts 🙂
      Thanks Marilyn!


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