Lose My Mind…

Stress is hanging around in my little world.  Not in dreamland these days, I tell you this much. Thinking about it, my body is so exhausted I don’t even dream anymore.

BUT, you know what? Its Friday and Chinese New Year weekend.  I have some great stuff planned to do even though I still have to go into for some overtime tomorrow.

Let me just say, music is my power source now.  Half a day gone, half a day to go, snow is raging everywhere outside and who knows how buses will be when I leave work at 5:30pm..but this song has taken over me and its on repeat in my MP3.  Although I have the a bit more hardcore Radio Edit version.

Electronic music gives me that peace of mind when I’m stressed. Sometimes, just sometimes but depends on my mood.  Music also has the power of allowing us to relate to it: the lyrics, the title draw us into it.

Am I saying that I’m losing my mind? Or maybe I’m trying to prevent myself from that.

Whatever the reason, this song is my source of energy for this snowy Friday 🙂 Hope you enjoy it and TGIF!!!

Just another note, I love Sebastian Ingrosso.  Awesome music from him! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Lose My Mind…

  1. You are definitely not losing your mind. You work too much and are under a lot of stress. That is the life of a spy. 🙂 Loved that song I am adding it to my IPod. I am similar about music. It is the language of the soul. Happy Chinese New Year.


    • “The life of a spy”. You make my life sound so exciting..haha! 😀 Idea for the next NaNoWriMo 😉

      Glad you like the music. I’m not sure how much electronic music is liked .but it is a type I’ve grown to love in the last few years!
      Thanks Jonathan!


  2. So there with you on the busyness. Everyday I have to ask someone what day it is because I don’t ever know what day it is. I have a non-stop rotation going on Spotify lately – everything from Tegan and Sara to Die Antweerd (sp?), lol. Helps keep me going.


  3. Aw. I hope things get better soon. I also love trance music; Armin being my favorite DJ. What helps me the most is listening to Bossa Nova as it transport me to a lifestyle in Brazil where everything is relaxed and happy. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bossa Nova lately. Lol.


    • Its Chinese New Year..new beginnings, right? Things will definitely look up once this rush is over 🙂
      Armin is pretty good although I haven’t really heard a lot of his music. Bossa Nova? Never heard of it..I’ll check it out!
      Thanks 🙂


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