Valentine’s Day Crafts: Ball of Hearts

Valentine’s is about 2 weeks away.  I have no idea at all what I’m going to do for it. Usually my boyfriend and I don’t do much.  We don’t believe in the whole consumerism scam, so maybe we’ll stay in watch a few movies and eat a nice meal, but we still have time to figure that out.

However, since yesterday I couldn’t bake..more that my mom baked the other day and we still had some dessert left, I didn’t get a chance to bake yet. But I do know what I’m making next to start off some Valentine’s Day baking.  I should get to that soon.

Today, we are here not for all that ramble but rather to see my little crafty trial at making an origami Ball of Hearts.



I had a bit of technical difficulties with this one. The ball is actually looking much like one on the other side.  But I will figure it out.  I think its because instead of origami paper I should have used construction paper. However, my construction paper seems to have vanished…

But regardless isn’t it cute? I think it matches perfectly with the coming occasion.

So I’m here to show a little love with lots of hearts!

P1200669 P1200663 P1200667


Nifty stuff, right? I’d have doodled a valentine or something but it would resemble stick figures or figures with over huge hands.  Never actually grew out of doing that since I was a kid.  Drawing just isn’t really my thing.

Oh right, if you do want a Valentine’s card or this little ball of hearts or even good old fashioned letter through snail mail. I’ll be glad to send you some love.  My way to show how much I appreciate you all for always hanging around and giving me all those wonderful suggestions to de-stress and just being awesome like you all are!  All you have to do is drop me an email at!

Have a fantastic Saturday!


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Crafts: Ball of Hearts

  1. Nice heart ball. You are a person of many talents. I also draw like you described. But yet still I am trying some drawing exercise to evaluate my sub-conscience. I read it on a blog and am going to try it. Making origami heart balls, I leave to you my friend. Thank you so much for sharing, have a stress free Super Bowl weekend.


  2. Love the heart ball!! I agree with you. I never understood why so many want to eat out on one of the busiest dining nights of the year. Because it is so much better to relax in with the person you truly love instead of sitting at a table with many others 🙂


    • Yeah..yelling on the top of your lungs at a restaurant is not my idea of relaxing..haha! Make some nice desserts..make a nice meal and enjoy the quiet company is quite romantic in my mind 🙂 Sounds normal but if you love someone, everyday can be “Valentine’s day” 🙂


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