Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Back in last November, I did this same challenge over at Sue’s blog called A Word in Your Ear.  It had one of my favorite pictures that portrayed this. You can check it of out HERE!

However, I will still put out my submission for this topic.  Love keeps me going into each and every day.


Christmas 2010 Family Photo

Christmas 2011 Family Photo

Our Christmas photo from last year with the help of the self timer on my camera.  We do this every year now.  This one showed my mom’s love her for closest thing to a granddaughter (my cat) at this current moment.  Also showed me and my boyfriend’s love.


My boyfriend and our cat

My boyfriend and our cat

I’m a typical mom, okay? My cat may be over 2 years old, almost 3 in March and still, she’s my baby girl all the time. Isn’t it sweet though? The love to our wonderful pets 🙂


Me and my best friends

Me and my best friends

These girls are my best friends and they are like my sisters! I don’t usually get all touchy and hugs and stuff.  I’m just not like that, but with these girls, for a self timer picture and a lot of fun and memorable times, I would! Especially posting us kissing our youngest sister in our sisterhood and also was the one who had the most courage and ran out of province to study and work.  Every time she comes back to visit, this is how we show our love: with lots of hugs (and kisses at time)!


Trying to make a heart!

Trying to make a heart!

What represents LOVE more than me and my best friend trying to make a heart with our arms in a tiny shed-like shelter thing!

If you’d like to join this challenge or see other entries, please head over HERE!

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