Magic: Fruit Transposition

Last night my mom forwarded this YouTube video to me.  It is in Chinese but magic doesn’t change and has no language barrier, right? Right!

This little magic trick is called Fruit Transposition.  Mr. Magician here is super awesome.

He goes to the fresh food market and asks a lady to choose two fruits..any two that she just bought.  She chooses first a chestnut (never knew that was a fruit but thats okay, I buy it) and a kiwi.  What he does is totally mind-boggling.  Of course, the lady felt the same way so Mr. Magician told her to choose any two fruits at the booth there.

She walks around and goes, “How about a papaya? Wait, No! Can we use a watermelon?”

Mr. Magician hesitates and says, “Why don’t you pick something else? Its a bit big.”

So she insists to use it and asks, “If its big, then it doesn’t work?”

He says, ” No…it can work”

She picks it up and says, “I want to use the watermelon.”

Then they bring it to the table and he asks her to choose the second fruit, a banana, and to choose the exact one she wants.

And he does the trick again…

Thats just a quick translation of what goes on. Here’s the video! Watch and wonder, my friends!

I love the quote at the end, “A conjuror is nothing if he only amuses and fails to inspire wonder.”-1876 Thomas Frost

I’m still wondering the possibilities of how he did it.  My mom and I has this discussion also.

What do you think? Any ideas?

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