One Lovely Blog Award..for the Second time!

I’m not exactly sure how this blog goes if I can get it a second time but hey, I always like to show my thanks for others that appreciate my blog.  This time, my thanks goes out to Ddog at Gamerscene.  He puts up some pretty awesome stuff over at his blog with movie reviews and game reviews. He has a few fun segments like Think a Bit Thursdays and Movie Mondays.  There’s plenty more great stuff over there and you definitely should check it out.

one lovely blog award

Now for the rules of this awards:

1. Thank the person that gave the award to you.

2. List seven things about yourself

3. Pass it along to seven others



1. My favorite flavor in soy-based ice cream is maple (in honor of today’s daily prompt that I probably won’t write about).

2. On really bad days, I like to dress up because when I feel prettier, I hope to feel better also.

3. I dream about opening my own bakery one day…even if it seems impossible

4. My idea of success is to be happy everyday surrounded with my loved ones.

5. My next vacation is undetermined but I’m always looking for the next destination

6. My eyes tear up every time I read Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.

7. Learning about counter steering in video games has saved me when I slipped on winter roads once. Thank you Need For Speed!

All very random things about me..I really don’t know what else to say.

Lets get to the best part and my favorite and that’s to pass on the love.  Its always a tough decision…so here it goes:

1. Hovercraftdoggy

2. Finding Subjects

3. Laith’s Ramblings

4. This That and Whatever Else I Can Think Of

5. Cinema Parrot Disco

6. Chris Gregory’s Alphathreads

7. Cinemaniac Reviews

These are all fantastic and lovely blogs. If you haven’t dropped by, then you need to go over there and check out their awesomeness!

Thanks again to Ddog for his award nomination!

8 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award..for the Second time!

  1. I like the seven things about yourself – those are cool. 🙂 And, wow, thanks for mentioning my blog!! I’ve only been doing this blogging thing for a couple of months and I don’t think I really even know what I’m doing!


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