Daily Prompt: 1984

Daily prompt: You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

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I open my eyes cautiously and look around.  I try to contain my fear.There is nothing.  Its empty and completely pitch black.  The room is quiet and still.  I press my hands around the walls blindly looking for a light switch or a cord to pull open a lamp.  Anything that can bring a little brightness into the room. Knowing very well that I’m alone, I still hope to find someone that will be there, maybe on the ground unconscious or sleeping or…

In my mind, I try to calm down my rapidly nervous heart.  These thoughts don’t work.  The darkness mixes in with the loneliness and that churns up the fear of the unknown and the lack of security.  Nothing feels safe anymore.  How can there be anything to be safe when I can’t figure out what’s going to pop up next or what traps could be hidden in front of me.  Maybe its the end of the path right ahead.  Maybe something will pop out of the darkness. My mind starts imagining and wondering if there will be ghosts and monsters lurking about.

Every minute in this room feels like hours and every hour it feels like years of torture.  Dark, alone, lack of security all mix together to make this room the scariest place in the world.  Maybe the only way out is to close my eyes and emerge myself into my own world of colours and light and surrounded by the people who care. My escape!

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