Lets Check Out the Poll Results!

Last week, I posted up about opening a new direction in movie reviews and in addition, find a new possible direction in book reviews and asked all of you for your help.  You can check it out HERE. I had some suggestions in the comments and a lot of people liked and there were some that went ahead and voted as well.  When I released A Bite of China cooking project, I mentioned that I would give the final results by Monday morning. And here we are!

What are we looking at for 2013 for books? We’re going to be heading in the direction of writing reviews about everything that I read.  That one received 80% of the votes, trailing far behind with 10% wanting me to do the 100 Classics Project and 10% wanting me to review novels that were source material for films and others.  No worries on that part: I read probably source material books every month.  I love movie adaptations from books and I almost always read them before seeing the movie so I always have one on hand.  Also, I will squeeze in some Classics especially since I’m WAY behind in it.  You can probably think up lots of Classic titles and I probably haven’t read it.

So here’s your chance: Whats your favorite classic? How about a book thats been made into a movie? I’ll even write a movie review on it.  Recommend as much as you’d like.

On a side note, I have challenged myself to read 30 books this year on Goodreads and probably should be able to read more.  However, reading is supposed to be fun so I’m not giving myself too much stress over it.  If you have Goodreads, feel free to add me or drop me a comment and I’ll search you up.

Now for movies! The results we’re looking at are actually a lot more split between two options.  We had more supporters on just reviewing everything I saw in 2013 with 60% and following behind is 40% for Monthly Themed Marathons.  I will still review everything but I will do marathons with a few of those months.  If you have any suggestions for whichever months, please tell me and I’ll work something out with my creativity.  Along with that, I’ll be doing foreign movies as mentioned in a previous post.

HERE WE ARE: In 2013, I will be adding in a book reviews segment and write about everything I read.  For movie reviews, I will review everything I see.

Lets see where we go from there! Please everyone, give me some recommendations for movies and/or books. I’ll be happy to take them all down.  I already have a small growing list.

Happy Monday!

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