Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved… and New Year Resolutions

For some, I have talked about before how I set New Year’s goals instead of resolutions.  There are some that are similar to resolutions.  Let me show you for myself my awesome board.  This is only a part of it with my goals.  The other side is with my monthly calender and other reminders.

Here are my goals for 2013: The things I resolve to do!


I usually just do this through email with my best friend and then we check up at the end of the year to see how many we’ve accomplished.  This year, I’d like to share it with everyone.  So that, if ever I neglect my blog and vanish, you know I’m off going crazy trying to get these things done…mostly would be the case when I study for the exams.

Today I also did a little tidying up of my movies and in honor of having more space and resolving to save (more) money this year, I’m going to have to try watch movies others than buying it.  And also to resolve to try and keep things organized so I don’t spend over an hour putting things in order on my shelf and having this happen…


And that my friends is just about 25% of all my movies…So yeah, big problem here…although I’ll probably restart my whole movie collection marathon. Another goal in the next year..or more like a continuous goal!

Way to go, NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! You are now all my witnesses to these resolutions…maybe I’ll even post up some updates!


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved… and New Year Resolutions

    • It is long but its pretty much the same as the length of the actual musical. That didn’t bother me as much. I’m glad you had a great experience 🙂

      Movies are my love….but I’m seriously considering Netflix option or something. Its starting to get a bit crazy…haha!


  1. Kim,
    I’m working on resolutions for the next year as well. Takes me a month of thinking, pondering, writing before I end up with final product. My blog (theworminmyapple.wordpress.com) for this month is all about resolution making. Thanks for your post and good luck with meeting your goals.


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