New Year = New Projects!! A Little Help Please?

A whole NEW YEAR is just around the corner.   I’m ending the year beating even the busiest day on my annual report that I just received today from WordPress. December 30th has now clocked the highest views ever with 233 views as I’m typing this.  Receiving 2 stars for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award during the holidays has made me extremely happy along with my whole line of 3 other awards decorating my blog.  Its an amazing feeling!

Tranquil Dreams has been a big pile of versatile blogging.  I started the year planning to do photography, baking, movie reviews (new releases) and writing.  Throughout the year, I’d added sections for travel, cooking, done a bit of crafts and expanded the movie reviews with the Christmas marathon and in-flight entertainment.

However, a new year is coming up in less than 24 hours here in Montreal.  I will be making changes over the next few days. Work took over my life and took a few days out of my supposed week off so causing me to put a few must-dos aside.  I’m working on updating things around here.


1) Long term Cooking Project –> A Bite of China. That section will be up within the next 2 days. I’ll be posting about it more in detail very soon.

2) Book Reviews –> I’m still deciding if I want to base it on a list or not.  How about you give me some suggestions? Should I do random book reviews? Focus it on novels or books as source material for film adaptation, since I do that a lot already.  It comes from an English course that I had studied in college called Cinema and Novel.  I even thought about going into the world of Classics.  What do you think? I added a poll so that you can vote on it.

3) Movie Reviews–> I want to start reviewing movies more.  The Christmas marathon proved to be quite interesting.  Should I do different marathons each month? Random movie reviews? Find a list of movies that I should use as a project? I had thought about putting up a project but I’ve already seen some focus on IMDB Top 250 and AFI 250 and I don’t want to take others ideas, so what else is there? I was thinking of putting together a list of award winning movies and reviewing those? What do you think? One thing is for sure.  I’m going to be adding reviews on foreign movies, mostly from Hong Kong, Taiwan and China and have the random French-Canadian and France.  I’ve also added a poll for this and would love to see what you want.

To my followers and pretty much anyone dropping by or has been to my blog, I’d love to hear what you’d like to see here.  My boyfriend suggested that I can open a recommendations section where you recommend movies or books to me and I add it to the list and review those.  That way we can share and help each other at the same time.  I think that’s a pretty good idea also.

Is there something else you’d like me to look at? I’m asking all of you for a little help.  Give me a vote on what you’d like to see for books and movies.  Also, do you think I should open up to recommendations to both books and movies? If you have OTHER suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an email at

Just a note, its the first time I’m testing out this poll feature, so if something doesn’t work, please tell me and I’ll look into it!

Thanks in advance for all your help! Also, another BIG THANKS  to everyone whose dropped by, I promise you big and better things here in 2013!


17 thoughts on “New Year = New Projects!! A Little Help Please?

  1. Congratulations to you on a wonderful year in blogging! It already sounds like you’re on the right track for 2013 (I voted). All the best to you and yours in the New Year!


    • I was thinking about reviewing exactly that, Oscar winners!! I was just being indecisive about it so I decided to do a whole poll on it.

      However, if I do monthly marathons, then it would land on favorite actor/director eventually as well.

      As for being Top 250 guest reviewer, I’m working on it. 😉


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  3. I’m an avid reader so I’d love to learn more about books! I have a “Worth a Read” section on my blog with my favorite books but I’ve never written reviews. Food is also interesting as is foreign flicks…my favorite kinds of movies. Good luck! 🙂


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