Snow Day in Montreal!

Last night before I went to bed, I already knew there would be a snowstorm.  Since the last two times we had that similar forecast, it was a false alarm, I didn’t really give much thought to it. This morning, I wake up.  You can feel the snow caked on the window and its hard to see clearly whats going on outside.  When I get out of bed and lean out, its white EVERYWHERE! The driveway is covered in centimetres and centimetres of snow.

However, I had chose today  (out of my optional days) to go to work, so I toughed it out and went.  I ended up waiting for the bus for 30 minutes and right when I was going to give up, it showed up.  In those 30 minutes though, you witness how low the visibility was or maybe just how clueless some people are.  There was a white car that decided to NOT put on their lights.  Hazardous and dangerous..definitely not a smart thing to do and I hope that car did not get in any accidents.  Two minutes later, there was a car in the opposite side of the road driving in the opposite direction of traffic…very scary stuff.  Not good either when the roads were barely cleared and it only had the minimum one lane available.

When I got out of the bus, I had to trudge through deep deep snow.  The sidewalks in my partially touristic area was not cleared. The snow storm raged on for another few hours and it had pretty much died down by the time I left work at 4:30pm.  The weather forecast just announced on the radio that we tallied up 40+ centimetres of snow.

Of course, we can’t go through this day without some good deeds.  Well, a partial good deed.  When I got home from work, the snow pile at the foot of my driveway was about more than half of my 5 foot 3 height.  When I was getting back into my coat to go out to snap some pictures (which will follow in a bit), I see a snow removal truck clearing my driveway.  Note that, I don’t pay for that service because I’m capable of doing it myself, just depends the duration, and it makes me exercise more during the holidays.  So, I thought some guy was crazy to do that and my neighbor pops out of the side of my driveway and says that he asked them to shovel my driveway also.  He even helped me shovel some of the bits and pieces away.  You have no idea how thankful I was because he had a point when he said that it would take me ALL NIGHT to clear it.

Whats funny is that I see people digging out their cars in Montreal.  At my place, we spent an hour digging out our trash can and recycle bin.  Thank you snow storm for the wonderful mother daughter shoveling bonding, collectively aiming to rescue the snow buried trash cans and recycle bins.  It was a lot of fun.

So you’ve read about my awesome Montreal snow wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t show you some pictures that I promised.

I’ve been wondering whether I should put this up.  Its something my boyfriend and I did on Christmas Day and it works perfectly with the pictures.

Enjoy! And please mute the background if you find that it bothers you..haha! Just don’t tell me.. we were just having fun with one of our favorite songs.  Its already taking a lot of courage to actually publish this.  Still, it goes well with the topic, right? Winter has definitely come raging in on us.





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