Christmas Marathon: Prep and Landing (2009) + Naughty vs. Nice (2011)

A special one right here.  I don’t own it but I saw that I could stream it online and I’ve been trying to make it work since last Sunday.  On Friday night, it finally worked for 1st and 2nd.  So I will do a double review as they are both TV shorts.  Lets go!

prep and landingPREP AND LANDING

This is a story about Wayne, who has worked on the Prep and Landing elite team for Santa.  Lets explain to you what Prep and Landing elite team is though because you probably don’t know.  They are the elves who go with their little technology to scan and prepare the house for Santa before he lands, then they give him the location as to where to land and voila! Success for Santa and makes each stop zero mistakes.  However, this Christmas, he get a new rookie partner, Lanny because his long awaited promotion was given instead to his partner who he trained.  He gets a bit bitter about it.  During the Prep and Landing mission, he messes up his training for Lanny, who is really clumsy and ends up messing things up on his end and they get discovered and in delay.  With a snow storm raging in the background, they need to find a way to get Santa back to this little boy’s house or else he won’t get any Christmas gifts from Santa.  Lanny ends up teaching Wayne the meaning of Christmas and brings back the spirit he once had when he first started in this team.

This little TV short was made by Disney.  I actually had almost bought it 2 weeks back.  I may actually do that if I find it at a reasonable price.  I did like this movie.  It was a bit like the Arthur Christmas deal of looking at the team behind Santa and how things operate rather than the actual Santa being the big shot and  delivering all the gifts by himself.  Its gives us the somewhat realistic view of how he gets everything done.  How does he know that a house is ready for him: no burning log in the fireplace, exact spot for the gift, no one is awake in the house, no dogs run out and start barking (or attacking), etc.  Well, its because they have the Prep and Landing team to take care of these details and makes his settings perfect for him. I think its a pretty cute short animation.  I enjoyed it quite a bit.


The second movie of Prep and Landing is called Naughty vs. Nice.  We start this time looking at the Coal Team. They are the team responsible for the confirmation of naughty kids and whether they deserve that lump of coal at Christmas.  They also are the ones who actually deliver it to them.  However, we start with one year that they did do that and a little kid wakes up and takes their device called the Fruitcake.  This device controls to the main system data of who is naughty and who is nice.  This makes them send in Wayne and Lanny to take care of it but with one extra elf for additional help.  This elf is called Noel and happens to be Wayne’s strong younger brother, who is also a coal elf.  Of course, they have some family baggage with each other.  When they get there, they meet an evil child disguised and have the whole house set to trap them and get the password to enter into the system to change their name back from naughty to nice list.  In the process of this rescue and getting back the Fruitcake, accidents happen and spins everything out of balance and they need to fix it all up before everyone goes onto the naughty list and they system overloads.

I did enjoy this one also. I’d have to say that it has some nice fun moments.  It is a short so its quick to the point and the story is pretty simple.  I probably gave you more plot than I should have but I’m sure there is still a lot to enjoy even with that.  With the brothers thrown into the mix, they try to put the idea of family and the love for siblings in the picture.  It worked for me at least.  Thats what Christmas is about, right? Being with family and the ones we love and then we throw in a little Santa and the elves magic and whip up this little short flick.

For all (or most) of my Canadian bloggers, if you’d like to stream it, you can do that on  It should be available throughout Canada.  You just have to search through the Video Library and the Holiday Features and find both of these movies.  Its about 20 minutes for one movie.

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