Christmas Marathon: A Wish for Wings That Work (1991)


A part of my childhood was occupied by Opus and Bill.  This one was first aired on TV. Its one of the few that I haven’t grown to love as much when I grew up, although I did only get a hands on the DVD last year.  I watch it every year though because I think that the voice work is quite good.  Its a bit strange though, so I’m not sure whether Opus was popular.

The movie is quite short at about 30mins for the whole movie.  For those who don’t know, Opus is a penguin who wants to fly.  Its his absolute dream and for Christmas, he decides that its what he wants from Santa the most.  Bill is a cat that Opus rescued from a mad scientist (something like that) and he’s quite bizarre but very loyal to Opus.  He doesn’t really talk but makes random sounds.  We also have a fun cast with a pig called Truffles who thinks he’s a rhinoceros.  We have the Ducks who are like the clowns of the movie.

I can’t really say too much about the plot in case you do see it.  It is a fun movie and I think in particular, kids would enjoy it a lot.  I actually went to check out who did the voices, since I learned that even Robin Williams had a voice in the movie as a kiwi whose wife ran off with an albatross (silly, eh? I know).  That role was short but so hilarious.  Other than that, we have Joe Alsakey who did the voice for a movie I had looked at in Halloween, Casper as one of the three uncles, Stinkie.

Its definitely something that kids would enjoy a lot.  The characters are adorable and the story is really nice.  Opus and Bill has a nice duo dynamic.  I’d say this is a good holiday movie.

Have you ever seen this? Who knew about Opus and Bill before this?

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