For some, Today was the end of the world..

I have a party to go to tonight which has come at a bad timing.  In between all the rush, I feel that I have to sit down and write this down.  There is no way I can happily enjoy tonight with what has happened…

Logging out of my email at the end of the work day goes straight to my news.  27 Dead was what flashed in front of me.  Clicking on the article and reading through it, my hand covered my mouth in shock and my eyes teared up.  Connecticut`s elementary school shooting is what I`m referring to right now.  During the article, my heart broke.  It is a heartbreaking times.  For some, today is the end of their world and for their families, it probably feels even more so.  20 innocent children and 5 adults was lost in this messed up world.  20 children lost in this tragedy is floating through my mind.  The images from the article is some that I won`t ever be able to erase.

Last week, it was hard because of my personal struggles.  This week, all that takes a back seat because my heart and my mind is consumed with sadness for them.  I may not know any one of the children or adults lost but to me, this is just disgusting.

This is a short post, but there are no words to express how saddened I am by what has happened.  I remember the shock that went through my city when we had our college shooting a few years ago.  I can understand how many more times their pain must be.

This reminds me that the world can be an ugly place with many things that happen that I have no idea how to explain.  A world that scares me.

My thoughts goes out to the families and everyone that was involved in this tragedy.  I mourn those that are lost and I know that I will cry when I have a moment to be alone…


7 thoughts on “For some, Today was the end of the world..

  1. Today was unimaginable. As a mother of a six and eight year old child I was utterly horrified. I had to hold back tears as I walked into their school today to pick them up. A school I love with all my heart. A community. I don’t know how I’d ever go on if I was one of the CT parents who lost their baby. Terrifyingly sad. I’m angry that people like this young man are so f’ed up that they don’t just kill themselves but innocent children. Something clearly needs to be done around the world as it is increasingly violent.


    • I may not have children but I do have little niece and nephews. I can imagine the panic and fright. Especially the pain. How can you ever walk through those halls again without feeling traumatized? A school should be a safe haven for learning but now its just not the same anymore.

      I am also angry at how some people can just make this about everyone when it really is just something they haven’t made peace with themselves. Blaming others and hurting others that are completely innocent.


      • So true. It makes no sense. It is almost like people like this young lost man choose the absolute most horrible thing you could do: kill little kids. It is so disturbing and unfortunately something that is happening all over the world. Yet I think that the US has the most offenders. It is so frightening.


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