Christmas Marathon: A Very Minty Christmas (2005)

a very minty christmasNever heard of this one? I wouldn’t be surprised.  Now you’re looking at this and laughing at me, I know.  This is a My Little Pony feature.  I don’t know about your childhood but mine was with My Little Pony.  I wasn’t into Barbies so you can put that one aside.  You won’t be seeing anything Barbie related here, but My Little Pony, you definitely will.  I still own a small collection of them actually.  They are showcased on top of my dresser.  I think I had taken a few pictures of them in a previous photo challenge.  Let me see…right, click HERE to see it. You should check it out, because that little tiny pony in the front is the reason why I bought this movie. It came with this movie.  Even though the new My Little Pony collection is not as good looking as the old ones, it was worth the buy.  Nostalgia does weird things to me, what can I say?

Right, back to the movie!


Duration: 44 minutes

Honestly, I almost didn’t want to post this up, but it does always end up in my Christmas marathon even though its not the best one around.  Actually, its miles away from the best. For me, its all about nostalgia.

Ponyville celebrates with placing a special glowing candy cane on the top of their Christmas tree so that Santa can find Ponyville and deliver their presents.  Minty is a ditz who has a good heart. She tries to help and everything just goes bad.  Everything she touches crumbles.  She pushes the candy cane on the tree a bit too much and it falls and shatters.  She tries to make up for her problems by going to North Pole to lead him to Ponyville.  Before she had that suggestion, she had wanted to give away all her socks (which she loves) to everyone.   They learn that its not the light from the candy cane but every pony’s unity and generosity that leads Santa there.  Its where Santa gets the idea to use stockings over the fireplace to place the presents.

This one is downright a flick for young children, preferably girls.  It has very cheerful music which I liked.  The voices aren’t too great or is the dialogue, but thats because I am in my 20s.  Its a bit expected.  For a kids movie, it has its cute moments and wonderful colours that fill up the screen.  Cheery adventure and some different Christmas music is alright.  Its what draws me to make this an acceptable Christmas movie that fills up some of the nostalgia.

What are you nostalgic about? Any toys or cartoons that you enjoy from your youth? Any particular ones that you may have outgrown or perhaps still keep around?

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