Christmas around the Block!

Last week, I spent my lunch going out to capture photos of the decorations.  I already showcased the Santa Claus exhibit in the nearby International Trade Building.  If you  haven’t seen it, then you can click HERE to check it out.

My building actually a really old significant building called the Board of Trade building.  Anyone thats visited Montreal walk past it? Let me tell you how old it is.  its back when women didn’t work.  This building used to be occupied by men and therefore the women bathrooms were added in afterwards and therefore are only on every other floor.  Imagine the frustration of a busy work day…

Anyways, not here to complain about my work place.  I’m here to show you the beautiful things in the vicinities.

Starting with my building


Right outside along the intersecting street, we have a building with outdoor plants looking especially festive…



A little bit down the road we hit another intersection with one of the most expensive hotels in Montreal called Hotel St-James.  In the summer, you see people crowding around in the opposite side of the street looking at the nice cars and I guess waiting for some popular figure to show up.  This is their window decor.


And now for some after work views, we have right across my building something that movie fans should know. Although the streets around my buildings are really a hot spot for filming.  I saw them transport the scene for Warm Bodies and you can see it HERE.  And then there was Smurfs 2 which I posted about HERE. Here is that building, the movie was shot was lot of flowers planted in the front in the place of the christmas trees. Any idea which movie it is?


This was the scene for the Bob Dylan movie called I’m Not There.

I personally haven’t seen the movie but does it look familiar to those who saw the movie? A summer shot would resemble it a lot more.

So for a final picture on a beautiful reflection of wreaths


Is there a lot of Christmas decorations up around where you work or live?

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