Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I checked the weather forecast today and the 14 day forecast.  I really tried, my fellow bloggers, to give you actual changing seasons…but apparently the weather isn’t listening to me.  Its just giving me rain…

So I’ve decided to give you a whole different perspective.  Changing seasons aren’t only from snow…but just the change in temperature means a change in what we wear. Here’s a little bit of a photo shoot of the gear I wear when the temperature starts dropping.

At home, the must have is to keep my feet warm.  My mom likes to turn down the heat to be economically and environmentally friendly.  So we’re usually hovering around the 15C-17C  in the house unless we have guests over.  I found these little boot-slippers or whatever you call them.  I call them booties personally, in lack of a better term.  They are a wonder to slip into.  The only deal is that I usually need be extra careful on the stairs because I slid down a few steps once last year in my old ones.  P1190644

Okay, we have indoors covered because this isn’t a fashion blog. I won’t take you through my whole Kim fashion, because I don’t hold any specific ones.  I barely can figure out what is going on most of the time.  I just dress whatever works for me.  So no showcasing of my fantastic range of sweaters and cardigans. Although, I did get this wonderful one in Hong Kong that makes me look like a bear in hibernation…sorry, back to outer gear to welcome the CHANGING SEASONS…

I don’t know if this means I’m aging but this year, I decided that I needed to wear a hat to protect from the cold.  So far my head has been thanking me by not giving me headaches and migraines frequently.  I really like it.  Don’t you think its so awesome?  I don’t usually house the cute look but this seems to work for me so far.


Excuse the lack of expression.  I had to take this shot by myself so just angling the camera took forever.

And please excuse my cluttered bookcase and pile of mess in the back…

Another essential gear many would know about is gloves, but I already did an extensive shoot of that one last year.  You can refer to it HERE if you’d like. Those mittens are absolutely amazing.  They were quite expensive but they are really warm.

You already saw my indoor boots, now for the outdoor ones because obviously, I don’t walk in snow (when we have some) in running shoes.  I just can’t because I’ve had too many accidents tripping on ice and I’m sure my chiropractor will not be happy if I messed up my back even more. These are the awesomeness that takes me around in the winter.


Here’s the complete idea of what I look like in the winter.  I do have a scarf also but really, I’m not into taking picture of a black pashmina scarf. Its the general idea of how bundled I am


Note: I only own about 5 pairs of shoes in the rack behind me.  I am not a crazy shoe lady.

Not impressive shots, I know.  I’m really out of ideas and didn’t want to keep recycling past pictures.  If I get more inspired, I’m coming back with a second post.  For now, I’ll all geared up to welcome the snow when it arrives.  Don’t you think so?

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