A Word A Week Challenge: Year

2012 is coming to an end.  I have parties planned for that supposed end of the year and celebrations for Christmas with family is setting in.  The calendar is filling up and even the planning for Christmas gifts are starting. Sue from A Word in Your Ear ‘s A Word A Week Challenge features the word YEAR! To join the challenge, click HERE for more details!

Since 2011, I’ve had this New Year’s Resolutions deal with my best friend.  We both send each other our own list of resolutions or whatever amount of goals you want to achieve.  At the end of the year, either of us (or whoever remembers) will send off the email and see what we’ve done.  At the end of December or beginning of the new year, we send each other our next list.

At the beginning of this year, I sent her 10 goals that I hoped to achieve.  I’ll try to put it in pictures for all to see.  For the record, I still have one month so I can still try to get half a goal done.  At this very moment, I have 6.5 done.  I’ll share a few here to represent whats makes this YEAR memorable.

Work out regularly and stay fit for dragonboat: Lets say that I modified that and eventually brought the gym back home.  I started training at home with weights and just simple body weight exercises. And I had dragonboat so for the first nine months it was a success.  If you are into this, you should try out Pumps & Iron, she posts up crazy intense workouts!


These are the rewards for the hard work of my whole team during the Montreal International Dragonboat Festival!

Buy a guitar and start learning: My friends got me a surprise birthday gift and I have been trying to learn it bit by bit.


Go to visit family in Hong Kong (done in November)


Pinwheels are the symbol of wishing for happiness to whoever you want, changing your luck

Its something I wish for my family.

Beat my records of words in NaNoWriMo Challenge (I won so suffice to say I beat my words)


My notes during NaNoWriMo

Some of the other goals that are done included:

– Passing my Piano History 1 Exam

– Improving my photography and getting to know my camera better (what do you think? I think I improved..but there’s always more work of course)

6 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Year

  1. Kim i always have a surge of optimism at the end of the year that I will accomplish great things, but I am not as diligent as you at setting goals. Perhaps that would be a great way to be accountable. I am glad to see your years has been a productive one.


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