Christmas in Hong Kong!!

After Halloween, it seems to be the cue for all things Christmas to slowly be brought alive everywhere. Hong Kong is no exception.  Christmas lights in Hong Kong are remarkable.  They light up on the big buildings and on both sides of the harbour. All the shopping centers have their own unique themes and decorations.  In 2009, I went in the core of the action so there was more back then.

Its the end of my Hong Kong month but to overlap a bit. It will also start my Christmas month with the decoration I had a chance to see live or even in the process of set up.

Here’s a gallery of it.  If you want to see where it was, just roll over the pictures, it will show you the location.

A lot of places were just having it go up so its not in abundance.

I promise you more pictures when I go shopping mall hopping this weekend and shoot lots of Christmas decor in Montreal and the suburbs.

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